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Fruit Cold Storage

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Using cold storage to store fruit and vegetable is a scientific fresh-keeping method, which can better maintain their nutrients and moisture.

First, we talk about Fruit Cold Storage, it has 3 types: fresh cold storage, controlled atmosphere (CA) cold storage, and blast freezer cold storage.

Fruit Fresh Temp and Storage Time

Fresh Temp

For room temperature, fresh cold storage and controlled atmosphere cold storage (it’s a type of fresh cold storage, which adds a controlled atmosphere equipment) are roughly the same, is -2~5°C. Some tropical fruits (such as banana, mango, etc) are kept the temperature above 10°C.

The temperature of blast freezer cold storage is the lowest, which is around -18°C.

Storage Time

For storage time: blast freezer cold storage > controlled atmosphere cold storage > fresh cold storage

But for fruit quality:

CA cold storage has the best fresh-keeping effect, doesn’t destroy the fruit cell structure, and has the lowest loss; Fresh cold storage is worse; Although the blast freezer cold storage has a long storage time, the cell structure of the fruit will be destroyed due to the low temperature freezing during the storage, can’t maintain fruits’ original flavor.

Cold Storage TypeTemp(°C)Relative Humidity(%)Gas Composition(%)Storage Time (Month)
Fresh cold storage0~285~90-3~6
Controlled Atmosphere cold storage-0.5~190~95Oxygen is 3~5,Appropriate carbon dioxide8~12

Apples’ Storage Time

ATTENTION: Due to different producing areas and individual differences, different fruits have different fresh temperatures and times.

Fresh Cold Storage

Name Temp(°C)Relative Humidity(%)Storage Time
Coconut4.57512 Months
Mango12.580~851 Month
Pineapple8~1085~9014~28 Days
Litchi0~385~903 Months
Loquat0901 Month
Pawpaw10~1560~6530~45 Days
Banana7~118550 Days

Tropical Fruits’ Storage Time


Name Temp(°C)Relative Humidity(%)Storage Time
Grape-1~385~901 Months
Nectarine085~905 Months
Pitaya3~480~9045 Days
Cherry0.5~1807~21 Days
Red dates(Fresh)-2~190~953 Months
Tangerine1~275~801~3 Months
Plum0~1902 Months
Lemon5~1085~902 Months
Banana7~118514 Days

Subtropical Fruits’ Storage Time


Name Temp(°C)Relative Humidity(%)Storage Time
Melon4~685~903 Months
Persimmon-1~085~903 Months
Strawberry-185~901 Month
Cantaloupe3~4805~6 Months
Orange1~275~801~3 Months
Apricot0~190~957~12 Days
Bayberry075~857~10 Days
Peach-1~090~951 Month
Apple-1~180~853 Months
Watermelon10~1280~851~2 Months
Kiwi0~190~956~7 Months

Temperate and Frigid Fruits’ Storage Time

CA Cold Storage

Fruit Name
Temp(°C)Relative Humidity %O2 Content %CO2 Content %Storage Time (Months)

Blast Freezer Cold Storage

Fruit NameTemp(°C)Storage Time ( Months)

Fruit Storage Precaution

1). Pre-cool the fruits before putting them into cold storage

Pre-cooling can inhibit the respiration and transpiration of the fruit after picking, and at the same time help the fruit better adapt to the low-temperature environment of cold storage.

2). Keep the cold storage temperature stable

Temperature difference should be ±1°C. If the temperature is too high, the respiration intensity of the fruit will rise, resulting in post-ripening. Too low temperature can cause frostbite to the fruit.

3). Keep the humidity stable

Excessive humidity can easily cause condensation and deterioration of fruits. Too low humidity will cause the fruit to lose water and dry up, losing its edible value.

Fruits can't mix in cold storage

4). Don’t mix different fruits

The room temperature of fruit cold storage is related to the growth characteristics of fruits. Tropical fruits can’t mix with temperate and frigid zones fruits. Excessive temperature differences will cause freezing damage to fruits in temperate and frigid zones.

Meanwhile, high temperature will also accelerate the growth and reproduction of mold and other bacteria, resulting in rot and deterioration of fruits infected with bacteria.

Humidity is very important for fruit storage. When the fruits are mixed in cold storage, the room humidity can’t meet various humidity requirements.

Some fruits such as banana, persimmon, apple, kiwi, and other climacteric fruits release ethylene when ripe. Ethylene is a plant hormone that promotes fruit ripening. When fruits are mixed, it will lead to accelerated ripening of other fruit.

Vegetable Cold Storage Temperature

The temperature of vegetable cold storage is roughly 0~15°C, which temperature can inhibit the activity of microbes, reduce the decay rate of vegetables, and prolong the storage time of vegetables.

There listed the approximate cold room temperatures of main vegetables:

Root Vegetable Room Temp(°C)Leafy VegetablesRoom Temp(°C)Melon VegetablesRoom Temp(°C)
Garlic0~5Chinese chives0~3Cucumber10~15
Carrot0~5Kale0~3Winter melon10~15
Ginger0~15Chinese cabbage0~3Momordica charantia10~15
Sweet potato0~15Zizania0~3Chayote5~10

Vegetable Cold Storage Temp


Cold storage is the best solution to keep fruits and vegetables fresh, it’s convenient and economic, welcome contact our staff to know more knowledge about our cold room and refrigeration systems.

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