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Cold Room Panel

We normally use PU (Polyurethane) or PIR (Polyisocyanurate Foam) as the cold room panel core , both side surfaces use stainless steel, aluminum sheet, galvanized steel, etc. Panel density is  >42kg/m³. And cold room panel has B1/B2/B3 fireproof Grade. B1 is the top grade, B3 is the worst.We use B1 or B2 Grade, depend on clients’ need.

The division of fireproof grade is generally determined by the “oxygen index”. The oxygen index of the core material of B1 grade fireproof panel must be >32 (in the combustion test),  B2 grade must be >26, and those <26 are B3 grade plates.

Simple Test Method: Take a small piece of core material and ignite it. 

#Grade B3: Easy to ignite and has dripping burning substances.       

#Grade B2: Left the fire self-extinguishing.                   

#Grade B1: Difficult to ignite.

PU panel advantages:

#1. Low thermal conductivity
#2. Beautiful shape and easy installation
#3. Good fire resistance
#4. Non-toxic and tasteless
#5. Wide temperature range
#6. Waterproof and moistureproof

Cold room PU panel-new

PIR panel advantages: 

#1. Lower thermal conductivity

#2. Light weight shockproof

#3. Cryogenic insulation material (Used for a variety of pipes and equipment from -196°C to +120°C)

Tips: PIR panel mostly used in Large or huge industrial plants, cold storages, garages, mobile homes, exhibition halls, gymnasiums,etc.

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How to Calculate Panel Cost?

Want to Calculate the Cold Room Panel Cost for Your Project?

No worry, our cooling capacity tonnage calculator will help you !

Panel Application

Cold room panel mainly used for cold chain logistics, food processing, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and aviation catering, biopharmaceuticals, seedling cultivation, precision electronics and other industries. Meanwhile, used for the production, storage and logistics of food, medicine and other commodities that require a constant temperature environment.

Seafood cold chain

Sea Food

Cold Chain Transportation

Cold Chain

Supermarket 2


Airline Catering

Aviation Catering



Seedling Cultivation

Seedling Cultivation

Food Processing

Food Processing

Precision Electronics

Precision Electronics

Panel Connection

2 Ways of Connection

There are two ways of panel connection: slip joint and camlock.Two of both can firmly install the Cold Room.

Slip Joint Advantages

#1. Improve insulation and air-tightness of the joints. 

#2. Excellent thermal insulation, good waterproof.

#3. Beautiful appearance, durable, easy and fast installation.

The slip joint system is a special type designed for assembling large and medium-sized cold room. It is combined with light steel structure or concrete frame to assemble the cold storage. Its appearance, area and volume can be freely designed according to different needs.

Tight the panels

Steps to Tight the Panels

Cold room panel installation

Panel Connection Difference

Camlock Advantages

#1. Energy saving, good thermal insulation performance, strong pressure resistance, beautiful appearance.
#2. Easy to use, long life, high density, high strength, anti-aging and corrosion resistance.
#3. Easy to assemble and combine to save space for building large and medium-sized cold storage.
#4. The construction period is short, which is convenient for customers to put into production as soon as possible.

Slip joint panel

Slip Joint Panel

Cold room panel structure

Panel Structure

Camlock panel

Camlock Panel

Cold Room Construction

Cold Room Construction

Panel Drawing

Panel Construction Drawing

Cold Room Panel Feature

Room Temperature for Different Application

ApplicationPanel Fireproof GradePanel ThicknessRoom Temperature
Fruit / VegatableB2
75mm0~5°C / 32~41℉
Chemical / PharmaceuticalB275mm0~5°C / 32~41℉
Ice Cream / Ice StoreB2100mm-10~-5°C / 14~23℉
Frozen MeatB1150mm
-25~-18°C / -13~0.4℉
Fresh Meat ( Store 6 Months)B1180mm-40~-30°C / -40~-22℉

Condition of Different Plate

NO.MaterialMaterial FeatureApplicationThickness
1Stainless SteelUse 304 stainless steel, has good corrosion and heat resistance, low temp strength and good bending resistance, non-magnetic and other mechanical propertiesHigh-level hotels / Seafood refrigeration0.5~1.5mm
2Embossed Aluminum PlateUse mould to extrude grain from the aluminum plateHotel / Kitchen refrigerator0.6~0.8mm
3Galvanized SteelFormed after heat treatment, strong corrosion resistanceCold room panel0.5~1.5mm
4Anti-skid Aluminum PlateSurface precessing extrusion molding, non-slip streamlined pattern decoration, high hardness, corrosion resistancePeople move around frequently, and the ground is not laid with cement floor tiles1.5~5.0mm

Embossed aluminum plate

Embossed Aluminum plate

Stainless Steel Plate

Stainless Steel Plate

Anti-skid aluminum plate

Anti-skid Aluminum Plate


Galvanized Steel Plate

Why Choose Our Cold Room Panel?

Excellent Sealing and Airtightness

Superior Seal Can Save Your Cost And Trouble-Free From Clients

Panel airtightness 01
Panel airtightness 02
Panel airtightness 03
Panel airtightness 04
Panel sealing 01
Panel sealing 02
Panel sealing 04
Panel sealing 03

Our Panel Installation Procedure

1st Step: Wall Panel Installation

#1. Install the wall panel from the corner.

According to the drawing, drill holes in the correct panel position, and the electric drill should be perpendicular to the panel surface when drilling. Erect the wall panels and place soft materials (such as foam) on the ground to prevent any damage to the panels. Then check whether the wall panels are in the correct position (Checks are required from beginning to end). After the position is fixed, welding  angle iron onto the plate beam, meanwhile fix the inner and outer corners.

Cold Room Panel-Aluminum plate

#2. After the two wall panels at the corner are installed, start to install the next wall panel along the corner.

Before installation, apply white sealing paste onto panel corners of the (convex) groove. The sealing paste should be dense and uniform.

#3. Hit with a hammer between the panels to make them closer.

Use connectors to wedge the wall panels each other, and which are respectively fixed in the gap between the wall panels. The lower connector should be as low as possible, so that it can be covered after pouring concrete. The gap between the panels should be 3mm.

2nd Step: Top and Floor Panel Installation

#1. Start from the corner of the cold room to install the top and floor panel.

According to the drawing,  fix panels to the correct height and position. The panels should be placed on the wall panel and the T-shaped iron. Then fix the top/floor panel and the T-shaped iron with rivets, connect the corner panel between the top/floor panel and the wall panel, then install the next panel.​​

#2. Fix the panel connectors outside the cold room.

Each panel seam should be fixed with 3 connectors: each one at both ends of the panel and the rest one in the middle of the panel (the length of the top panel is less than 4 meters, can only use 2 panel connectors).​​

#3. Ceiling C-shaped steel installation.

Place the C-shaped steel in the correct position due to the drawing, then open the top panel at the position of the bolt hole, and use the bolt to connect the angle iron with the panel firmly. Finally welding the ceiling C-shaped steel to the purlins.
Cold Room Panel-Color steel

3rd Step: Corner Panel Installation

#1. Apply sealant to all the contact between corner panel and other panels.

The corners between the wall panels should be fixed in sections to facilitate the pouring of polyurethane foam. The corner panel for fixing the top panel should have a gap every 500mm (the size of the gap is subject to the foam material), and then fix it on the top panel and wall panel.

#2. The corner plate is fixed with rivets.

The rivet space is 100mm, and the rivets fixed on the corner should be in a straight line with equal space.

The FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Room Panel

Yes, cold room panels are designed to be hygienic and easy to clean. The smooth, non-porous surfaces of the panels discourage bacterial growth, and they can be easily washed or sanitized to maintain cleanliness.

We welcome any sample order before big quantity purchase, that means 1pc is acceptable. For mass order quantity is 20pcs for total.

Our cold room panels are manufactured with fire-resistant function. These panels have a higher fire rating and provide an added layer of safety in case of fire emergencies.

Speedway is committed to quality across all aspects of our business – our people, processes and products. We call this ‘the SPEEDWAY  standard’.

Cold room panels are widely used in various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, logistics, and retail. They are used for cold rooms, walk-in freezers, refrigerated warehouses, blast freezers, and other temperature-controlled environments.

We have own factory to produce the main panel products, but we also do trading for other related products because we have resource to supply good quality and service.

Need regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the integrity of the panels. This includes checking for any damage, inspecting seals and joints, and addressing any issues promptly to maintain optimal insulation performance.

Yes,we have 4 senior engineers, 13 professional R & D teammates, 66 professional production personnel.

The lifespan of cold room panels can vary depending on factors such as the quality of materials, maintenance practices, and environmental conditions. Generally, well-maintained panels can last 20 ~ 30 years or even longer.

Yes, cold room panels can be customized to meet different temperature ranges. Panels with higher insulation values are suitable for freezer applications, while use panels with lower insulation values for chiller or refrigeration purposes.

We support payment through wire transfer, like T/T, L/C, Western Union. Also accpet Paypal payment for sample piece order.

Yes, cold room panels can be customized to accommodate various design specifications. This includes options for door openings, windows, access points, and even panel colors.

Yes, cold room panels are designed to be modular and can be disassembled and reused if necessary. This flexibility allows for modifications or relocation of the cold room in the future.

Yes, we did. Our factory has inner 100% inspection for each unit before loading, also can make the legal test report for each shippment. What’s more, can invite SGS / TUV / BV inspection according clients’ request, but customers should pay for the test fee.

First, we need starting the business to understand each other, if things move smoothly and you meet our “distributor request”, then we will sign the formal contract and agreement to ensure your rights in your market.

Contact Our Salesman for more details please.

Yes, can use cold room panels in outdoor applications with proper weatherproofing. Specialized coatings or cladding systems can be applied to protect the panels from exposure to the elements.

Cold room panels have moisture-resistant function. The insulation core and the panel joints are typically sealed to prevent moisture ingress and minimize condensation. Use proper vapor barriers and insulation installation techniques to control moisture-related issues.

Cold room panels primarily focus on thermal insulation rather than sound insulation. However, additional measures, such as installing sound-absorbing materials or soundproofing panels, which can reduce noise transmission.

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