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Cold room for meat storage

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Meat cold storage is suitable for meat, seafood, and poultry storage, and is popularly used in frozen meat processing, retail, and wholesale industry.

The meat included: beef, mutton, pork, dog, chicken, duck, goose, fish, seafood, and other meaty foods.

Different cold rooms have similar construction methods, but the specific requirements of different types of cold rooms are different.

For example, the temperature, Cold Room Panel, and refrigeration unit required for fruit cold storage and frozen meat cold storage are different.

Meat Storage Standards

The meat stored in Cold Room can be divided into chilled meat and frozen meat.

Chilled Meat Standard

Suitable for short-term storage, the meat temperature roughly is 0 ~ 1 ℃.

Specific operations:

First, lower the cold room temperature by approx. -4°C, then adjust the temperature to -1~0°C after the meat is stored.

Take pork as an example: Pork cooling time is 24 hrs, then it can be stored for 57 days. The cooled meat will form a film on the surface, which can prevent the growth of bacteria, slow down the water loss, and prolong the storage time.

Frozen Meat Standard

The meat is subjected to blast and deep freezing so that most of the water in the meat is frozen into ice immediately.

Frozen meat has longer storage time than chilled meat. kept the temperature of frozen meat at about -18°C for storage.

Specific operations:

In order to keep the original taste and nutrients of frozen meat, the cold room adopts the blast freezing way: put the meat in blast freezing room, temperature set at -40°C, so that the meat temperature can quickly lower and keep at -18°C.

MeatTemp(℃)Relative Humidity(%)Storage Time
Chicken0~480~855~6 Days
Mutton-1~185~908~12 Days
Duck1~385~908~10 Days
Ham-24~-1890~956~8 Months
Fresh Pork-1.5~085~907~12 Days
Frozen Pork-12
95~1003~5 Months
Frozen Pork-1895~1008~10 Months
Frozen Pork-2095~10010~12 Months
Fresh Beef-1~075-803~5 Days
Frozen Beef-12
95~1006~10 Months
Frozen Beef-1895~10010~12 Months
Frozen Beef-2095~10012~14 Months

Different Meat Storage Time

Meat Storage Features


The surface of the cold room panel is made of color steel or stainless steel plate, which is non-toxic, tasteless, rust-free, and low maintenance cost.

Good Thermal Insulation

Using high-quality PU panel or PIR panel, lightweight, high strength, good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, and non-toxic.

Saving Energy

Use high-quality imported or domestic refrigeration compressors, with low energy consumption and low noise.

Precise Temperature Control

Adopt micro-computer automatic electrical control system, maintain constant room temperature, with small temperature fluctuation (±1°C), and no need manual operation.

Increase Product Variety

Cold storage allows businesses to store different types of meat, providing customers with a wider variety of options and increasing sales.

Improve Traceability

Cold storage can help businesses track the origin and storage history of meat, improve traceability and ensure that customers receive safe and high-quality products.

Meat Storage Advantages


The entire process of chilled meat from raw material division, packaging, transportation, storage, and sales is monitoring and traceable, preventing the occurrence of pollution.

The chilled meat has been kept at 0~4°C, which greatly reduces the possibility of meat spoilage.

High Nutritional Value

Cold storage guarantees the freshness of the meat, and because it isn’t frozen, needn’t thaw before eating, so no nutrition lost.

Use a Special Chiller

In the process of selling chilled meat will use a special chiller. The reason why the price of chilled meat is higher than that of frozen meat is that the production process has to go through many strict procedures and the cost is relatively high.

Meat Chiller

Meat Chiller

Meat Storage Tips


Pre-cooling means quickly lowering the stored food to the set cold room temperature. Pre-cooling methods included: natural air cooling, ventilation cooling, vacuum cooling, and cold water cooling.

After pre-cooling, the food must be placed in cold room quickly.

Temperature Control

Different foods have different refrigeration temperatures.

Cold room temperature and the stored food temperature are affected by many factors, such as temperature difference between the cold room inside and outside, refrigeration equipment efficiency, cold room capacity, ventilation, stacking ways, food types, etc.

Should stack the food reasonably, and adjust the cold room temperature accordingly; When outbound, should increase the temperature gradually to avoid condensation on the food surface due to the large temperature difference between the cold room inside and outside.

 Temperature control for cold storage

Temperature control for Cold Room

Humidity Control

Cold storage often loses a certain amount of water due to frosting and defrosting of the Evaporator ( Unit Cooler), resulting in cold storage humidity being lower than the humidity requirements for food storage.

Can adjust the cold room humidity in ways: increase evaporator area, reduce frosting, and install spray equipment.

In addition, when the goods come in and out of the cold room frequently and the relative humidity in the cold room increases, can use a Dehumidifier to dehumidify, meanwhile strictly controlling the frequency of goods and personnel inbound and outbound.

Proper Packaging

Meat should be properly wrapped or vacuum-sealed to prevent contamination and freezer burn. It’s also important to label and date the meat to ensure proper rotation and prevent waste.

Stack Different Meats Separately

When necessary, store meat in packaging bags, so as to prevent different meats from changing their taste of each other, which will affect quality.

Pork Package 01

Pork Package

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

They can help to prevent the growth of bacteria and maintain the quality of the meat. It’s important to clean and sanitize the unit regularly and to check for any signs of damage or malfunction.

Proper Thawing

When thawing meat, it’s important to do so in a controlled manner to prevent bacterial growth. Thawing should be done in the refrigerator or in a sealed container under cold running water.

Proper Handling

Proper handling of the meat before and after storage helps to maintain its quality and prevent contamination. It’s important to handle the meat with clean hands and to cook it to the proper temperature to ensure food safety.


Cold room is the best choice for meat storage, meat chilled meat and frozen meat are both ok, just adjust to the suitable storage temperature, equipped with special chiller or freezer can help you selling the meat with good quality and good price, feel free contact for more request.

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