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Speedway is a professional fan motor manufacturer in China, produces and wholesales all kinds of fan motor. Our fan motor factory manufactures fan motor from 20w up to 5000w, also can customize your fan motor according to your drawings.

They applied in all kinds of electric appliances, like air conditioner, washing machine, ice machine, range hood, hair dryer, evaporative cooler, dehumidifier, unit cooler, condensing unit, whole refrigeration system, etc.

We will first send you sample to test the quality before your wholesale purchase, contact us Now.

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Fan Motor Model: SW-FMP

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All You Need To Know About Fan Motor

Fan motor is a special electric motor, as it uses electricity power to rotate fan (not others).

Fan motor employs advanced design and tight-fitting structure, operate at high-speed ratio and powerful torque but with the low noise level, last for a long duration.

#Operating Voltage

Rated voltage including voltage variation +/- 10%


Fan motors are typically powered by electricity and come in different power ratings (measured in watts or horsepower). The power rating of the motor determines the speed and strength of the fan.


Fan motors can be made from different materials, with some being more durable than others. Look for motors made from high-quality materials if you want a fan that will last a long time.

#Protection System

Motor burnout is prevented by the impedance system or thermal protection system, thus safety is always ensured.


Fan motors come in different sizes depending on the size of the fan blades they are attached to. Larger fans require larger motors to provide enough power to spin the blades.

#Installation Method

For either the suction or exhaust type, horizontal, vertical or inclined installation can be selected.

How Does an Electric Motor Work?

#Control Options

Some fan motors come with remote controls or built-in controls that allow you to adjust the speed and settings without having to manually adjust the fan.

High quality fan motor

Fan Motor Structure Diagram

Fan motor structure

Fan Motor Section View

How to Customize Fan Motor?

Many people asked us to customize fan motor, but just give us the motor picture, series number or description, is that enough? Of course not !

Attention: We need the dimension for each part, had better give us the drawing of the fan motor.

But the best way is Sending Us the Real Sample, we will make the same one and send back for your confirmation to avoid any mistake !

Fan motor drawing

Each Part Dimension

Fan motor drawing

Fan Motor Drawing

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Considerations When Buying Fan Motor

The main function of fan motor is to generate driving torque, and as a power source for electrical appliances or various machinery.

Many people fail to understand the importance of fan motor performance since it is always used inside of equipment or machine.

The quality of fan motor is a priority. For a bad fan motor inside of machinery will damage the whole equipment and bring you money loss.

Condenser Fan Motor

#1 Efficiency

Motor efficiency up to 85%, temperature rise less than 40K, in the same air volume, wind pressure than the traditional single capacitor motor energy saving 50%.

#2 Noisy

No electromagnetic sound for starting operation, 5dB(A) lower noise than single-phase capacitor motor.

#3 Performance

Adjustable speed,motor characteristics according to the air volume, wind pressure, full pressure efficiency can be set to adjust more than 38%, 65% higher than the national standard.

#4 Winding

Winding is also a critical part of the fan motor. If not wound properly, will occur leakage, which will seriously affect the performance of the fan motor. There is a winding machine specially developed for the fan motor stator, which can’t only make the copper wire wound neatly and precisely, but also meet the standards of resistance, withstand voltage, inductance, and leakage value, can ensure the fan motor is qualified.

#5 Warranty

Look for fan motors that come with a warranty to ensure that you are protected in the event of a defect or malfunction.

#6 Price

Consider your budget when selecting a fan motor, and look for motors that provide the best value for your money.

Checklists For Qualified Fan Motor

#1 Package

For a brand new fan motor, the package should be new,no broken or damage, and no disassemble at all.

DC electric motor

#2 Appearance

Double-check the motor fan’s screen and fan blades for obvious deformation. When rotating, the blades should be light and flexible.

#3 Power Rating

Choose a fan motor with a power rating that matches the requirements of your fan. Make sure the motor is capable of providing enough power to spin the blades and move air effectively.

#4 Fan Motor Operation

After the fan motor runs continuously, if the enclosure surface is hot, means the temperature is too high, probably some quality defect of the fan motor.

#5 Starting Performance

Starting performance is an important aspect for fan motor quality. When the power supply is 85% of rated voltage, the fan motor should be able to start from a static state and run normally, the shorter the time required for the fan motor to start, the better the starting performance of the fan motor.

#6 Speed Performance

After power-on, the mechanical transmission part of the fan should have no abnormal sound. When the electric fan runs at high, medium and low speeds, the fan motor and fan blades should be stable, with limited vibration and low noise.

#7 Leakage Electricity

After the fan motor is switched on, you will feel numbness when you touch it with your hand. Please use an electronic tester to test it. If a current is generated, you can judge the leakage of the casing.

#8 Safety Features

Look for fan motors that have safety features such as overheat protection, automatic shut-off, and short-circuit protection.

The FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Fan Motor

The most common types of fan motors include shaded pole motors, permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors, and electronically commutated motors (ECMs).

The primary role of a fan motor is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, which powers the rotation of the fan blades, resulting in the movement of air.

The voltage and power requirements vary depending on the specific fan motor. Common voltage ratings for fan motors include 120V and 240V, while power requirements can range from a few watts to several hundred watts.

Fan motors can control the speed of the fan through various methods, such as using multi-speed settings, adjustable speed controls, or advanced motor control technologies like pulse width modulation (PWM) or variable frequency drives (VFDs).

Yes, some fan motors are designed to be reversible, allowing the fan blades to rotate in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. This feature is particularly useful in applications where air circulation needs to be reversed, such as exhaust fans.

Speedway is committed to quality across all aspects of our business – our people, processes and products. We call this ‘the SPEEDWAY  standard’.

We welcome any sample order before big quantity purchase, that means 1pc is acceptable. For mass order quantity is 100pcs each model.

Common signs of a faulty fan motor include the fan not spinning, unusual noise or vibration during operation, overheating, or intermittent operation. If you encounter any of these issues, it may indicate a problem with the fan motor that requires inspection or repair.

We have own factory to produce the main fan motor products, but we also do trading for other related products because we have resource to supply good quality and service.

Yes,we have 3 senior engineers, 10 professional r & D team, 55 professional production personnel.

AC fan motors are designed to operate on alternating current, commonly found in household electrical systems. DC fan motors, on the other hand, are designed to operate on direct current, often used in battery-powered or low-voltage applications.

The size of a fan motor is typically determined by the specific application requirements, such as the desired airflow, pressure, and cooling capacity. Consulting the manufacturer’s guidelines or Seeking Professional Advice can help you select the appropriate size for your needs.

Yes, fan motors can be controlled by external devices or systems. For example, they can be integrated with thermostats, humidity sensors, or building automation systems to regulate the fan speed based on environmental conditions.

We support payment through wire transfer, like T/T, L/C, Western Union. Also accpet Paypal payment for sample piece order.

For sure. You can send us your logo, package or panel design, we will give you the final satisfied solution accordingly without additional cost !

Yes, energy-efficient fan motors are available. ECMs (electronically commutated motors) are known for their high efficiency and can provide significant energy savings compared to traditional fan motors.

In some cases, fan motors can be repaired if the issue is with specific components such as bearings or capacitors. However, if the motor itself is severely damaged or the repair costs are high, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire motor.

Yes, we did. Our factory has inner 100% inspection for each unit before loading, also can make the legal test report for each shippment. What’s more, can invite SGS / TUV / BV inspection according clients’ request, but customers should pay for the test fee.

First, we need starting the business to understand each other, if things move smoothly and you meet our “distributor request”, then we will sign the formal contract and agreement to ensure your rights in your market.

Contact our salesman for more details please.

Yes, certain fan motors are designed to be suitable for outdoor or damp environments. These motors are typically equipped with special features like weatherproof enclosures or corrosion-resistant materials to withstand such conditions.

Yes, fan motors can be used in various orientations, including horizontal, vertical, or even angled positions, depending on the specific design and mounting options of the motor.

The lifespan of a fan motor can vary depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and operating conditions. Generally, well-maintained fan motors can last for several years, with some high-quality models exceeding a decade of service life.

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