Refrigeration Accessories

We supply superior quality Air Conditioning and Coolroom refrigeration accessories–

TXV (Thermal Expansion Valve)

Copper Pipe




Liquid Receiver

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Controller

Sight Glass

Filter Drier

Axial Fan Motor

Solenoid Valve

Gas-liquid Separator

Oil Separator

heat Exchanger

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Common Refrigeration Accessories

Copper Pipe

We fabricate copper pipe with 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1 inch, or customize your size.

Copper tube Air conditioner copper

TXV (Thermal expansion valve)

We have Danfoss/Sanhua/DunAn/Emerson/Parker, etc TXV with top level quality and competitive price.

Danfoss TXV


We supply Copeland/Bitzer/Dorin/Panasonic/Sanyo/Highly/GMCC compressor with different models.

Copeland Compressor

Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valve is an electromechanical device used to control the flow of liquid or gas. It consists of a solenoid, which is a coil of wire, and a movable plunger or valve that is typically made of ferrous material. When an electrical current is applied to the solenoid, it generates a magnetic field that moves the plunger, either opening or closing the valve.

Electromagnetic Valve 1


-Flow Control

Solenoid valve can control the flow of liquids or gases in a system. They can either allow or block the passage of the substance by opening or closing the valve.

-On/Off Operation

Solenoid valves act as on/off switches for fluid or gas flow. When the solenoid is energized, the valve opens, allowing flow. When de-energized, the valve closes, stopping the flow.

-Remote Operation

Solenoid valves can operate remotely by an electrical signal. This feature is beneficial for automation and control systems, allowing for efficient and precise management of fluid or gas flow.

-Quick Response

Solenoid valves have a rapid response time, making them suitable for applications where quick and accurate control of fluid flow is essential.

Low/High Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauge


-Measure Condenser Pressure

-Condenser Performance Indication

-Monitor System Load

-Overheating Identification

-Safety Monitor

Liquid Receiver

A liquid receiver is a component used in refrigeration and Air Conditioning systems to store and regulate the flow of liquid refrigerant.

Liquid receiver


-Storage of Liquid Refrigerant

-Regulation of Refrigerant Flow

-Prevention of Liquid Slugging

-Separate Liquid and Vapor

-Facilitate System Maintenance

-Stabilize Temperature

-Equalize Pressure

Sight Glass

Sight glass, also known as sight window or sight port, is a transparent or translucent window typically installed in a pipeline or vessel in various industrial applications.

Sight Glass


-Visual Inspection

-Identification of Fluid Phase

-Level Monitor

-Detection of Bubble or Impurity

-Verification of Flow

-Temperature and Color Observation

-Safety Monitor

-Process Optimization

Low/High Pressure Controller

Danfoss pressure controller

Pressure Controller


-Monitor Condenser Pressure

-Pressure Limitation

-Compressor Protection

– Safety Devices Activation

-Alarm and Shutdown

Filter Drier

Filter dryer is a component used in Refrigeration and air conditioning systems to remove moisture, contaminants, and particles from the refrigerant.

Filter Drier 1


-Moisture Removal

-Contaminant Filtration

-Acid Removal

-Protection for Compressor

-Prevention of Icing

-Maintaining System Efficiency

-Extended System Life

Gas-liquid Separator

Gas-liquid separator is a device used in various industrial applications to separate a mixture of gas and liquid phases.

Gas-liquid Separator 1


-Phase Separation

-Removal of Liquid Droplet

-Protection of Downstream Equipment

-Prevention of Carryover

-Improvement of Gas Quality

-Enhancement of System Efficiency

Axial Fan Motor and Grill

Actually this accessory included 3 separate parts: fan, motor, and grill, they are integrated into an entirety to blow out strong wind cooling the room temperature quickly.

Fan motor and grill


-Blow Strong Wind

-Improved Heat Exchange

-Stabilize the Whole Refrigeration System

Oil Separator

Oil separator, also known as an oil separator tank or oil trap, is a component used to separate and remove oil from the refrigerant.

Oil Separator 1


-Oil Removal

-Prevention of Oil Carryover

-Protection of Components

-Improved Heat Exchange

-Enhanced Compressor Efficiency

Heat Exchanger

We can tailor the heat exchanger size, aluminum distance & color, copper coil shape & diameter, etc according your drawing and unique demand!

Air conditioner condenser

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