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Cold Room Manufacturer

Cold room, also called cold storage, refrigeration room, walk in cooler or walk in freezer (depend on room temp), is a kind of refrigeration equipment refers to use artificial ways creating an environment different from the outdoor temperature and humidity. Due to its constant temperature and humidity, cold room always used to store foods, industrial raw materials, biological products and medicines which have special requirements on temperature and humidity.

“Speedway” cold room adopts a variety of high-quality materials (stainless steel, color steel, aluminum, galvanized sheet etc), which are suitable for the needs of different ambient temperatures in different countries around the world.

Our cold room features: Light weight, high strength, high fire-rating, good thermal insulation performance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-moth, performance at ultra-low temperature is better than others.

Cold Room Excellent Cooling

Our cold room has slow cooling capacity outflow speed and the holding time is long. Compared with other cold room can save 30-40% energy.

Cold Room Calculation

Do you know how to calculate the correct cooling capacity and storage capacity for your cold room?

You must choose equipment with the right cooling capacity, otherwise won’t achieve the best cooling effect.

Meanwhile, the optimal storage weight can ensure your cold room the best profit.

Cold room structure

Cooling Capacity Calculation

#1. High & medium temperature cold room

Cold room volume (m3)×90×1.16+ deviation. The deviation range is 100~400W.

For example: a cold room volume is 90m3, so should choose cooling capacity: 90x90x1.16+≈200W =9,596W

Others the same.

#2. Low temperature cold room

Cold room volume x 110 x 1.2 + deviation. The deviation range is 300~800W.

Storage Capacity Calculation

Cold room storage capacity =

Internal volume × volume utilization coefficient (volume coefficient * temperature coefficient) × food weight per CBM

(CBM means “cubic meter”, also called “m3”)

#Volume Coefficient:

Cold room volume   Coefficient

500~1000 m3               0.5
1001~2000 m3             0.55
2001~10000 m3           0.6
10001~15000 m3         0.7

#Temperature Coefficient:

High temperature ( >0°C ): 1.2
Medium and low temperature ( -18~0°C ): 1
Ultra-low temperature ( <-30°C ): 0.85

#Food Weight per CBM:

Frozen meat and fish: 0.40~0.47 ton

Fresh fruit and vegetable: 0.25~0.35 ton

Ice cubes: 0.7~0.85 ton

Boxed frozen poultry: 0.55~0.65 ton


Question: 1000m3 low temp cold room can max store how many tons fresh fruit?

Answer: 1000 x (0.5 x 1) x 0.35 =175 ton.

Notice: It’s just brief storage capacity, Contact Us for your detailed request. 

How to Count Cold Room Refrigeration Capacity?

Want to Calculate the Refrigeration Capacity Tonnage and Cost for Your Cold Room?

No worry, our cooling capacity tonnage calculator will help you !

How Can Connect Control Box to Cold Room?

Control Box Electrical Connection Diagram

Control box line color :

Red is “5” 
Yellow is “7”      
Green is “8”     
Blue is “9”   
Brown is “10”    
Black is “12”  

Attention: The colors only demonstrate how to connect different terminals properly, not cables’ color.

Outdoor unit: Cold room Condensing Unit circuit diagram

Indoor unit: Cold room Unit Cooler (evaporator) circuit diagram

Attention: For original whole diagram, please Contact Us freely.

How to Set Control Box Temperature?

Walk in Freezer Installation

How to Classify Cold Room?

By Temperature

#1. High Temp

Temp > 0°C

Store fruits and vegetables, eggs, medicinal materials, wood (preservation),etc.

#2.Medium Temp

-15°C<Temp <0°C

Store meat, seafood and commodities suitable for this temperature.

Mobile cold room

#3. Low Temp

-35°C< Temp <-15°C

Freezing food through air cooler or special freezing equipment.

#4. Ultra Low Temp

Temp <-35°C

Quick-frozen food and industrial experiments, medical treatment, cold chain transportation.

By Scale

#1. Large

Volume> 20,000m3



#3. Small


By Refrigerant

#1. Ammonia

Cold room use ammonia as refrigerant.


Cold room use freon as refrigerant.

By Grade and Material

#1. High-Level

Use high-quality polyurethane (anti-flaming, grade A) insulation panel or high-quality stainless steel (frosted or polished material, grade A) to build, with relatively high price.


Use ordinary polyurethane (non-flaming) insulation panel or normal stainless steel (no frosted no polished material) to bulid, with cheaper price.

#3. Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Also called FRP, means cold room body use FRP to build.

#4.Color Steel

Cold room body use color steel to build.

What is the Cold Room Temperature?

Here list the normal items’  cold room temperature, but please notice these recommendations are general guidelines and may vary depending on factors such as storage duration, item type, and other considerations. It is best to consult with experts and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal storage conditions.

ItemsRoom Temperature (°C)Humidity Level (%)
Chemical-10 ~ 1050-70
Fish-18 ~ -2595-100
Ice Cream-18 ~ -2275-80
Seafood-18 ~ -2590-95

Cold Room Application

Cold room mainly used for food storage, pharmaceutical storage, floriculture, chemical storage, hotel industry, cold chain logistics, wine storage, shopping malls, butchery, supermarkets, and other industries. Meanwhile, used for the production, storage and logistics of food, agricultural products and other commodities which needed a constant temperature environment.

Shrimp cold storage


flower storage


Supermarket 2


chemical storage

Chemical Material



Cold Chain Transportation

Cold Chain

pharmaceutical storage


wine storage


Considerations for Qualified Cold Room

#1. Panel

Made of PU (Polyurethane) or PIR (Polyisocyanurate Foam), two sides use steel plate, stainless steel plate or aluminum plate which must be anti-flaming. The coating on both sides must be non-toxic, odor-free, corrosion-resistant, and meet international food standards.

Due to different cold room temperature should select panel with different thickness.

Panel thickness:

Medium & high temperature :100mm

Low temperature:150mm

Ultra low temperature : 180mm or more

Cold room PU panel-new

#2.Refrigeration System

Cooling capacity of the refrigeration equipment needs to match the volume and temperature of the cold room. Wrong configuration can increase your costs, or reduce the cooling effect.

Top brand compressor: Danfoss/Copeland/Tecumseh, but the price is high; Normal brand compressor: Panasonic/Sanyo/Highly
price is cheaper, but the cooling effect is not bad.

1) .Must double check you need 50Hz or 60Hz?

2).You want non-inverter or inverter ( can save approx. 40% energy power) ?

For specific needs, please Contact Our Salesman, they will give you suitable solutions.

#3.Size and Capacity

Ensure cold room is of the appropriate size and has sufficient capacity to meet your storage needs.

The size and capacity of a cold room are important considerations when choosing the right cold room for your needs. The size of the cold room will depend on the volume of items that need to be stored and the available space in your facility.

Too small cold room may not be able to accommodate all your storage needs, while too large can be wasteful and inefficient. 

#4. Door

Its thickness, surface and thermal insulation performance should be same as the Cold Room Panel, and must be no gaps between the door and door frame. The door should have lock, which needs a safe release function.

All doors must be flexible and lightly open or close. The contact surface between door frame and the door itself must be smooth and flat, to ensure the sealing strip can be sealed well.

#5.Safety Features

The cold room should have safety features such as emergency alarms and backup power systems to prevent loss of stored items in case of power outages or equipment failure.

#6. Location

Cold room shouldn’t be built in the open air. At least the top should have a shelter, the ground should be flat, and the power supply must have two options: 220V and 380V.

Outside the cold room must be a space for placing the Condensing Unit, whose installation should consider ventilation.

When the distance between the power supply and the condensing unit >100m, you need to consider the cooling loss during operation and choose the condensing unit with a larger cooling capacity.

If the cold room isn’t built on the 1st floor, you must notice how all the equipment enters the installation floor? And pay attention to the ground waterproofing (to prevent water from penetrating downstairs) and anti-freeze (to prevent the floor from freezing).


The lighting (moisture-proof and explosion-proof) installed in the cold room needs to be able to work normally at -30°C. The lampshade must be moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, acid-proof, and alkali-proof, and the ground brightness should be >200lux.

All devices in the cold room should be anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, but must ensure the coating is non-toxic, doesn’t pollute food, and has no peculiar smell.

The temperature indicator should be installed near the cold room door. Must install drainage floor drains to facilitate sewage discharge when cleaning the cold room.

#8. Stored Item

The storage of different goods in separate room can achieve the best effect and profit, meanwhile avoid the mutual influence between goods.

For example: seafood has a fishy smell so can’t be stored with other meats and foods. Pears & apples will release ethylene during storage, so can’t store with other fruits, otherwise who will be ripened by ethylene and shortened the storage period.

If multiple goods must be stored in the same cold room, necessarily ensure room temperatures of these goods are similar and not affect each other. 

You can also add sealed packaging onto the goods to prevent them from affecting each other.

Crab cold storage


Maintain proper hygiene in a cold room is essential to ensure the safety and quality of the stored products.

1) Cleaning: The cold room should be cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt, debris, and microorganisms. The cleaning frequency and methods will depend on the type of product being stored and the level of contamination.

2) Sanitization: After cleaning, the cold room should be sanitized to eliminate any remaining bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens. Can use sanitizing agents such as chlorine or hydrogen peroxide to effectively kill microorganisms.

3) Personal hygiene: Anyone who enters the cold room should follow proper hygiene practices, such as washing hands and wearing appropriate clothing and protective gear. Should also trained employees on proper handling and storage procedures to prevent contamination.

#10. Maintenance

Maintaining a cold room is essential to ensure that it functions effectively. Proper maintenance can help to prevent breakdowns, reduce energy consumption, and prolong the lifespan of the equipment.

Here are some important factors to consider for cold room maintenance: regular inspections, cleaning, temperature & humidity monitoring, record keeping, professional technician servicing,etc.

Why Choose Our Cold Room ?

Typical Cold Room Types

Mobile Refrigeration Unit

Mobile Cold Room

FOB China Price: 1,000~1,800USD


#1. Movable, no limited location, easy to operate.

#2. High efficiency, short freezing time, can be frozen within one hour, to ensure the freshness of frozen products to the greatest extent.

#3. Save money, pre-installed the whole cold room, save the commissioning cost as well.

Controlled Atmosphere cold room

Controlled Atmosphere Cold Room

FOB China Price: 5,000~15,000USD


#1. Preserve the original freshness and flavor of the food, without loss of nutrition.

#2. Under the same temp, CA cold room can be 3~5 times of freshness time than normal cold room.

#3. Save lots of power than normal cold room.

Combined cold room

Combined Cold Room

FOB China Price: 2,000~5,000USD


#1. Short construction time, fast installation.

#2. Precise temperature control, durable building structure.

#3. Beautiful appearance, and many optional colors for the sandwich panel and the outer protective structure.

Mobile cold room - new

Constant Temp Cold Room

FOB China Price: 3,000~6,000USD


#1. Accurate temperature control, the temperature difference is within ± 2°C.

#2. Danfoss/Copeland semi-hermetic compressor, high-efficiency, low working noisy.

#3. Multiple protection measures, such as motor overheating, current overload, phase loss, delayed start, etc., to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Medicine cold room

Medical / Chemical Cold Room

FOB China Price: 2,500~6,500USD


#1. Good thermal insulation, automatic dehumidification, easy to operate.

#2. Micro-computer control, with automatic monitoring, regulation, display, automatic alarm and temperature recording functions.

#3. Advanced technology, wide application, energy saving and environmental protection.

The FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Room

A cold storage is a specialized warehouse designed to store perishable goods and products at controlled temperatures to maintain their freshness and quality.

We support payment through wire transfer, like T/T, L/C, Western Union. Also accpet Paypal payment for sample piece order.

For sure. You can send us your logo, package, drawing design or technical specfication we will give you the final satisfied solution accordingly without additional cost !

Cold storages are used to store a wide range of products, including fruits, vegetables, meat, flower, seafood, dairy products, frozen food, pharmaceuticals, and certain chemicals.

The temperature ranges in cold storage vary depending on the type of product being stored. For example, refrigerated storage typically ranges from 0~10°C (32~50°F), while frozen storage ranges from -18~ -25°C (-0.4~-13°F).

Speedway is committed to quality across all aspects of our business – our people, processes and products. We call this ‘the SPEEDWAY  standard’.

We welcome any sample order before big quantity purchase, that means 1pc is acceptable. More than 20pcs we will give discount.

Cold storage is equipped with insulated walls, temperature-controlled rooms, ventilation systems, temperature monitoring devices, and backup power systems to maintain a consistent temperature and protect the stored goods.

We have own factory to produce the main cold storage products, but we also do trading for other related products because we have resource to supply good quality and service.

Yes, safety precautions are crucial in cold storage. Workers must wear appropriate protective gear, such as insulated clothing and gloves, to prevent frostbite or hypothermia. Adequate signage, emergency exits, and training on handling cold storage equipment are also important.

Yes,we have 4 senior engineers, 11 professional r & D team, 58 professional production personnel.

The storage duration depends on the specific product and its requirements. Some perishable goods can be stored for weeks or months, while others may have shorter storage periods. It is essential to follow recommended storage guidelines and monitor expiration dates to ensure product quality and safety.

Cold storage often have backup power systems, such as generators or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, to ensure continuous operation during power outages. These systems help maintain the required temperatures and prevent spoilage or damage to stored products.

Yes, some cold storages offer additional services, such as labeling, sorting, repackaging, and cross-docking, to meet the specific needs of their clients. They may also provide value-added services like blast freezing, tempering, or customized inventory management solutions.

Yes, we did. Our factory has inner 100% inspection for each unit before loading, also can make the legal test report for each shippment. What’s more, can invite SGS / TUV / BV inspection according clients’ request, but customers should pay for the test fee.

First, we need starting the business to understand each other, if things move smoothly and you meet our “distributor request”, then we will sign the formal contract and agreement to ensure your rights in your market.

Contact our Salesman for more details please.

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