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Air Conditioner Factory With Automatic Welding Machine, 7,000pcs Welding Per 24 Hrs

We Produce Most Types of HVAC Refrigeration Accessories

Inverter Air Conditioner Testing, Air Outlet is 11.7°C, So Cold

Speedway brand air conditioner has auto restart functions after power failure, roughly 30 seconds after power failure, it will restart to run

Air Conditioner Copper Bending Machine,Can Customize Your Parts

Inverter Condensing Unit for Cold Room, Can Save 50% Electricity Energy and 50% Cooling Time

Tube ice machine produces tube ice 0.35~50 ton per day, ice diameter 22~35mm, food grade, transparent or semi-transparent color

Our ice block machine can produce ice block 5~25Kg per piece, 0.5~50 ton per day, freezing time 4~8 hrs. Ice block can lower to -5°C, food grade, transparent or semi-transparent color

Dry ice cleaning machine can clean any residues with superior performance

Dry ice block machine can customize the block size,density, color due to your drawing and specification, with top-level quality

Cube ice machine 10ton per 24 hours, customized ice size  available, 18~20 minutes making ice, copeland/danfoss/bitzer high quality compressor

Cold Room Excellent Cooling Perforance. Customized dimension, room temperature, storage capacity and functions

Our dry ice machine produce high-strength, granular or columnar pellet dry ice 3~19mm diameter with different models of 50/100/200 kg per hour, with excellent quality and cooling performance

We produce most types of cold room door with custom sizes, thickness, and materials. Door thickness: 75/100/120/150/200mm or more

We produce all types of unit cooler, wall mounted, ceiling mounted, floor mounted, etc, also can customize yours due to your size, thickness and drawing

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