Best Tips About Using Dehumidifier To Dry Clothes 2022

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Dehumidifier is often used in humid places. It is a dehumidification product as its name implies, but some people find a more interesting function of dehumidifier: dry clothes mode (drying mode).

Dry clothes mode (Select with the “MODE” key)

Is this mode used to dry clothes? So how long will it take for the dehumidifier to dry? What does the dehumidifier dry mode mean?
Let me give you some best tips.

How Long Time Dehumidifier Will Take To Dry Clothes?

Dehumidifier used to remove moisture from the house. Can it really be used to dry clothes? As a matter of fact, that is possible, and easy to use.

In certain area, often rains, so the laundry isn’t easy to dry. Especially in winter, it often appears that the clothes are washed and hung for more than a week, and the clothes still feel damp, resulting in no clothes to wear.

Dehumidifier can’t only remove moisture from the house but also blow-dry clothes. When the drying function switched on, the testing from dehumidifier manufacturer demonstrates the clothes can be dried roughly in three hours.

What Does The Dehumidifier Dry Mode Mean?

1. Dehumidifier drying mode can use to blow dry clothes. The effect is the same as a clothes dryer, but the drying speed of the dehumidifier is less than that of clothes dryer.

2. When using a clothes dryer, you can’t dry multiple clothes at the same time, but the dehumidifier can blow multiple clothes at the same time, which means more convenient.

How To Dry Clothes By Dehumidifier?

In the clothes drying mode, dehumidifier dries the clothes by blowing a dry, warm wind; Meanwhile, dehumidifier absorbs the moist air around it, reduces the moisture content in the room, and keeps the room in a relatively dry environment, which is good for drying clothes quickly.

Drying wet clothes using a dehumidifier is very easy, especially if you are using a removable dehumidifier because you can move the device to any room where the wet clothes are hung.

Here we need a hint to make sure that your dehumidifier works as efficiently as possible and that your wet clothes will dry immediately by putting them in a relatively small room and working in different areas according to their capacity.

For example, if your dehumidifier has a working area of up to 30 square meters, if you put it in a room of 20 square meters, it will work very effectively and can absorb more moisture from wet clothes more quickly.

In addition, you should also close the room where you are drying your clothes. Close the doors and windows to prevent your dehumidifier from inhaling too much moist air and reduce its dehumidification efficiency.

Close window to save power consumption

Close window to enhance the dehumidification efficiency of dehumidifier

What Is the Height to Dry Clothes By Dehumidifier?

1. Hang on the air outlet of the dehumidifier.

2. Turn on dry clothes mode to see where the hot air comes from, and then hang the wet clothes 15-20cm higher than the air outlet.

Do I Need to Constantly Empty the Bucket?

For most household dehumidifiers, you will get a collecting bucket (called a water tank as well). This can hold a considerable amount of water and usually only needs to be emptied once a day under normal operating conditions.

home air dehumidifier tank

Collecting bucket ( water tank)

However, if using a dehumidifier to absorb moisture from indoor damp clothes, you may find the collection container will soon be filled with water.

If you want to prevent the bucket from leaking after full of water, you should also make sure it has an automatic closing function, or a water full reminder function.

But there is another option: buy dehumidifier with a drainage hose. These devices discharge water continuously, so no need to empty the bucket.

Dehumidifier drainpipe

Drainage house

The only drawback of this system is dehumidifier must be located close to the drain, so you have to place your dehumidifier in a room with a gutter or sink.

The Difference Between Household Dehumidifier And Clothes Dryer

They both can dry clothes, since they have the same function, which is worth buying and which is more practical?

1. The principle of dry clothes is different

Household dehumidifier is cooled by a compressor to convert the moisture in the room into liquid water, which can directly and effectively reduce the air humidity of the whole room and dry the washed clothes at the same time; Clothes dryer used to dry the clothes by heating and evaporating the moisture carried on the clothes, and the evaporated water vapor will also disperse into the room, so that the room will become more humid.

Household dehumidifier structure


Clothes dryer structure

2. Different functions

Dehumidifier can also remove moisture from the room when drying clothes, making the room drier, which can improve the quality of life. Knowing that moisture will affect the health of family members.

After the dehumidifier removes the moisture in the room, it can reduce diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis for the elderly. Meanwhile, it can prevent other things from getting damp and moldy, preventing the wood floor from absorbing moisture and deformation, and so on.

On the contrary, clothes dryer not only can not make the room more dryer but also makes the room more humid.

3. Green energy saving

A commonly used household dehumidifier has a power of less than 500 watts, and the drying time of 5 kilograms of clothes is 2 hours, while the general clothes dryer, with a power of at least 1000W, also takes 2 hours to dry 5 kilograms of clothes, which is more energy-saving and electricity-saving. It’s clear at a glance.

4. Drying effect

Clothes dried by a dehumidifier will not be damaged, but clothes dried by a clothes dryer will damage the fiber structure and reduce service life of the clothes due to high temperature and continuous tumbling in the equipment.

High-temperature drying vulnerable clothing, especially silk, fur, and light-colored clothes do not use high-temperature water washing, let alone high-temperature drying.

Dehumidifier drying clothes, mainly through the removal of clothes and the environment of moisture, coupled with circulating warm air (only 1-2 ℃ higher than the ambient temperature), in order to achieve the effect of drying clothes.
This way of drying clothes can better protect clothes while drying clothes.

So the clothes dried by the dehumidifier can keep drying for a long time (as comfortably dry as the sun on a sunny day), which the clothes dryer can’t do.

5. Area covered

Dehumidifier will not have the limitation of the outer frame, just give it a suitable space, it doesn’t need to assemble, and easily to move.

In addition to dry clothes, can also used for drying quilts and cloakrooms, etc., all-round dry.

6. Somatosensory comfort

Through the high-temperature drying method, the clothes dryer heats up the moisture in the clothes to run into the air, making the environmental humidity higher, but drying the clothes increases the environmental humidity and causes discomfort to the human body.

On the other hand, dehumidifiers (when drying the clothes) liquefy the moisture into water droplets and fall into the water bucket.

Dehumidifiers not only dry clothes but also dry home space, take care of the health of family members.

7. Aesthetic degree of clothes

Clothes dried directly with a clothes dryer will generally have a lot of wrinkles and need to be equipped with products such as ironing machines and irons, or take them out and flatten them out immediately after drying and fold them for preservation.

Dehumidifier does not have these problems. After drying, the wrinkles are less, and the clothes are relatively flat.


Through the above knowledge, easy to see that the dehumidifier has many advantages, not only can dry clothes but also can dehumidify, the performance-to-price ratio is very high.

We recommend using a dehumidifier and clothes dryer at the same time to achieve the best results.

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