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In work and life, dehumidifier often used to ensure the dryness of environment, but when dehumidifier is working, it will inevitably make some noise.

The design and development of dehumidifier will also take into account the noise problem.

There should be no disturbing noise for a normally working dehumidifier. If you feel the dehumidifier is making too much noise during use, following these steps to check the dehumidifier.

Checklist of Excessive Noise

1. Observe whether the dehumidifier placed smoothly

When Dehumidifier is working, the compressor will vibrate to a certain extent. If the dehumidifier doesn’t place stably, it will cause the whole machine to vibrate continuously and make a loud noise.

If working on uneven ground for a long time, some internal parts, coils, and pipes of the dehumidifier may become loose in continuous vibration, which will also lead to increased noise.

This problem is easy to solve: place the dehumidifier smoothly, or add a base.

Note before handling, you must tighten the loose parts and replace the damaged or deformed fan blades first so that the noise problem of the dehumidifier can be solved.

2. Check whether the cover of the dehumidifier tightly embedded

Occasionally, the dehumidifier needs to open the cover for maintenance. If the cover doesn’t tightly install after maintenance, it will continue to collide with each other because of vibration during work, and making a loud noise.

In this situation, we can obviously observe that a certain cover vibrates violently during the operation of the machine, so just re-install the cover.

In order to avoid this situation, our dehumidifier uses an embedded framework design, each cover is closely connected, which effectively reduces the vibration noise during operation and makes maintenance easier.

3. Check the running status of the fan

Dehumidifier Fan

Rotating fan is the main source of working noise. If you hear high-frequency and stable noise, necessarily check whether the fan blade has signs of deformation and rubbing, and confirm whether the lubricating oil is sufficient. As after the dehumidifier used for a long time, the fans’ bearings may also wear out and produce noise.

Then you should necessarily replenish the lubricating oil, replace the blades or directly replace the fan.

4. Check the compressor

Abnormal noise of the compressor
Dehumidifier Compressor

If the compressor produces irregular noise, probably the machine has been moved or tilted, and the refrigerant has shifted, resulting in the compressor not working properly. If the noise is very loud and the cooling efficiency is very low, possibly the refrigerant or lubricating oil is overcharged, which has an impact on the compressor (when the compressor is running, liquid refrigerant or lubricating oil into the working compressor cylinder and impact the compressor valve plate resulting in liquid shock), will produce a very loud sound.

So we recommended leaving the dehumidifier for more than 6 hours and restarting after the refrigerant is refluxed. If still lots of noise, should stop it in time and contact the after-sales team of dehumidifier supplier for help.

5. Set the appropriate running state

In order to meet the needs of customers in different situations, dehumidifiers are often equipped with different wind speed adjustable, in the case of high wind speed (fan full operation, large air volume output), the outlet noise will be correspondingly higher. If you feel the noise is too large, please lower the wind speed accordingly.

In dry mode, in order to make the dry wind blow to every part of the clothing and take away the moisture, the dehumidifier will fix with the maximum wind speed, so that the sound is slightly louder.

When you need to use it in the bedroom or study or don’t want to be disturbed by the sound,  please choose the sleep mode of the dehumidifier, where the working noise of the dehumidifier will be minimized to ensure a good sleep at night.

Portable air conditioner sleep mode

Sleep mode

6. Starter failure

Fan lubricating oil may be due to insufficient quantity and collision between pipes, which is a problem caused by machine failure.

As long as fixing the fault and lubricating of the fan, can solve the noise problem completely.

7. Dehumidifier has a long service life

If the dehumidifier used for a long time, it will cause great wear and tear of the fan bearing and cause noise.
This situation shows that the service life of the dehumidifier is coming, replacing the fan can eliminate the noise, but the symptoms are not the root of the problem. Because other parts are also aging, they can no longer be used effectively.

At this time, purchasing a New Dehumidifier from the wholesaler is the most practical choice.

8. A foreign matter fell into the dehumidifier

The foreign matter may enter from the air inlet or outlet, especially the air outlet.

If you have children at home, sometimes they will put foreign matter into the dehumidifier by mistake, so you necessarily should educate the children to stay away from the dehumidifier.

9. Deformation and damage of parts and components

When the fan blade of dehumidifier is deformed and damaged, will cause the destruction of the dynamic balance and the noise will increase accordingly.

If there is collision or friction between the pipes, the noise of dehumidifier will also increase.
Oil lack in the fan and the abnormal bearing are also the direct causes of the increased noise of the dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier wholesale

IN ADDITION, the obvious way to deal with the noise generated by dehumidifiers is to keep the equipment as far away from the living space as possible, especially at night when everyone is sleeping.

A better idea is to put it on the carpet to make the sound less harsh and shrill.

Using Tips for Dehumidifier

1. Usage

If the dehumidifier moved for a long distance or violently, had better rest the body for 2-3 hours and then connect the power supply to avoid compressor damage. Close the doors and windows before the operation so as not to affect the dehumidification effect by entering the room. If not necessary, try to reduce the opening and closing times of doors and windows.

In case the dehumidifier is moved frequently, will easily cause refrigerant leakage. If the compressor feels the same temperature of air inlet and outlet during operation, you must discontinue and send for maintenance as soon as possible to avoid wasting energy.

2. Location

Put the dehumidifier in the place of air circulation to avoid the air block caused by the dead corner, which can not achieve the desired dehumidification effect.

3. Maintenance

Clean the air filter at least every 2 weeks. When the dehumidifier doesn’t use for a long time, you must empty all the water in the water tank, then remove the filter dust and place it in a space that is out of reach of sunlight and well-ventilated.

Maintenance your dehumidifier

Never put the dehumidifier on the side or upside down during storage so as not to damage the compressor!

4. Key tips for power saving

Choose a dehumidifier with a large amount of dehumidification to achieve the effect quickly, and turn off the power supply (rather than standby) to reduce power consumption when the relative humidity (RH) is lower than 60%, or you can choose a dehumidifier with the ability to control humidity automatically.


Dehumidifier noise comes from a variety of sources, you can look for the above reasons to compare with your dehumidifier, believe you will find the sources and solve the problem of noise perfectly.

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