How Much You Know About Air Conditioner Bracket?

air conditioner bracket
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After buying an air conditioner, you need to install the outdoor unit outdoors, so how can you ensure the safety of the outdoor unit installation?

At this time, surely we need to fix the outdoor unit on the air conditioner bracket to ensure the safety of the outdoor unit.

What Is An Air Conditioner Bracket?

Air conditioner bracket is also called the air conditioner outdoor unit bracket. It is a support frame that supports the air conditioner outdoor unit (for a thing as heavy as the air conditioner outdoor unit, it must be fixed).

Regardless of wind, water, or drain, the air conditioner bracket is a good tool to fix the air conditioner outdoor units.

Material Classification of Air Conditioner Bracket

There are a variety of air conditioning brackets with different raw materials, which are generally divided into: angle steel air conditioning brackets, galvanized sheet air conditioning brackets, and stainless steel air conditioning brackets.

So which kind of material should I use? When selecting an air conditioner bracket, the key point is to consider the corrosion resistance of the air conditioner bracket. Then which kind of raw material has a strong anti-corrosion ability?

Obviously, the actual effect of the stainless steel plate air conditioner bracket is the best. Which has a long service life span, corrosion resistance, and alkali resistance. It has strong performance and can be very firm to fix the outside air conditioner.

1. The life span of an ordinary angle steel bracket is about 5-7 years. Generally, the thickness of this kind of bracket is greater than 3 mm, and you must replace it in time when the bracket reaches the end of life, then the outer machine bracket will not break.

Angle Steel Bracket

2. Galvanized sheet is a steel plate coated with a layer of zinc, and this layer of zinc used to prevent rust, so the galvanized sheet has a strong anti-rust ability. The service life of the galvanized sheet air-conditioning bracket is about 7-10 years, and its thickness generally required to be greater than 2.5 mm.


Galvanized Sheet Bracket

3. Stainless steel raw materials can not only prevent rust but also have the functions of corrosion resistance, air resistance, and water resistance. Which is very durable. The life span of stainless steel bracket is generally 10-15 years. The good quality 304 stainless steel bracket is not easy to rust, which can be used for about 15 years without issue. The bracket made of 201 stainless steel will rust after a long time, but the price is cheaper, and the life span is also shorter than 304 stainless steel, about 10 years.
Meanwhile, stainless steel stents generally require a thickness greater than 2 mm.

Stainless Steel Bracket

If the outdoor air conditioner is to be installed on the outdoor wall, we recommend stainless steel (if you have enough money). In real daily life, many families rarely check and replace the bracket after installing the air conditioner. Although the price of the stainless steel bracket is higher, it is worthwhile to spend more money to use it, because in the future it seldomly brings you trouble.

Attention: In some rainy areas, the service life of the bracket will be much lower than that in dry areas. Because the bracket is located outdoors without any shelter, which is easier to rust and affect its use. If your bracket is severely rusty, replace it as soon as possible to avoid accidentally injuring pedestrians and vehicles.

Air Conditioning Bracket Load-bearing

The load-bearing capacity of the air conditioner bracket can’t be less than 4 times the weight of the air conditioner.

The support of 1hp (horse power) and 1.5hp air conditioners generally bears no less than 150kg ( high-quality material of the bracket can reach 250kg), and the load-bearing capacity of the outdoor unit above 2hp is not less than 180KG (with good material and quality, the load-bearing bracket can reach 400kg).

How to Install the Air Conditioner Bracket?

installation steps:

1. First compare the two vertical rods of the air conditioner bracket to see if they are the same height and if the height of the screw eyes on the top is the same.

2. Fix a vertical rod of the air conditioner bracket with a screw. Don’t fix it too tight at the beginning, just screw it in place by hand.

3. Pull the diagonal rod down to the bottom. Then, tighten the fixing screws with a wrench.

4. When installing the fixing screws, the screws are generally to the outside, which is good for tightening the screws.

5. The assembly method of the other side bracket is the same as the first one.

6. After the two brackets are assembled, compare whether the installation positions of the two inclined rods are the same height.

It is helpful to ensure the horizontal state of the external unit of the air conditioner.

How to install an air conditioning bracket

Precautions for Installation of Air Conditioner Bracket

1. Installation position

The installation position of the air conditioner bracket is very important.

The outdoor unit of the air conditioner shouldn’t be wall-mounted on installation surfaces with loose materials (such as brick walls of old houses, hollow brick walls, etc.).

When you have to adopt the wall-mounted installation, must fully consider the material of installation surface (factors such as strength and bearing tolerance and the number of air conditioners installed on the same installation surface), necessarily take reinforcement or protective measures to ensure the safe operation of the air conditioner and personal safety.

2. Expansion bolts

Construction and installation on a brick wall or concrete wall, a 1HP~2HP air conditioner, no less than 4 expansion bolts; 2P or more air conditioners, no less than 6 expansion bolts. If it is constructed on a hollow brick wall, the hollow brick wall has no bearing capacity, and the bracket must be fixed with through-wall screws. The specifications of expansion bolts for the walls of general commercial houses: 10mmx100mm or above.

Expansion bolts

3. Anti-corrosion inspection

Check the quality and thickness of the bracket during installation. As the air conditioner bracket is used all year round, you can regularly check whether it is rusty to prevent accidents. If the bracket is corroded or loose, you can contact supplier maintenance personnel to replace it in time.

Does the Air Conditioner Bracket Have a Shock Absorption Effect?

Compared with the outdoor unit which installed on a fixed equipment platform, the outdoor unit air conditioning bracket has a certain shock absorption effect, but the effect is not too obvious.

Because the noise mainly comes from the inside of the machine rather than the outside.

But now there are outdoor brackets with shock-absorbing cushions, which can reduce the noise of the outdoor unit due to the vibration to a certain extent. Of course, the corresponding price is also a bit expensive.

You must note that: one end of the damping pad is installed on the base of the outdoor unit, and the other end is installed on the bracket.

Both ends must be installed firmly, otherwise it will increase the noise.

Shock-Absorbing Cushion


Everybody needs the air conditioning bracket, but not everyone has enough knowledge about it, when you learn more, you will reduce your risk when use it.

Meanwhile, if any broken for the bracket, you can repair or know how to solve the problem.

Hope you can choose the most suitable air conditioning bracket as well.

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