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“Speedway Refrigeration” is proud of itself as the top refrigeration products supplier in China who offer a vast scope of refrigeration units and accessories to choose from. Meanwhile, we can provide the refrigeration solution for each climate.

Refrigeration Equipments

Cold Room Panel

Unit Cooler (Evaporator )

Inverter Condensing Unit

Semi-Hermetic Condensing Unit

Cold Room

Cold Room Door

Monoblock Unit

Refrigeration Accessories

Air Conditioner

Wall Split Air Conditioner Model: SW-H

Wall Split Air Conditioner Model: SW-B

Window Air Conditioner Model: SW-WA

Floor Standing Air Conditioner Model: SW-F6

Floor Standing Air Conditioner Model: SW-F5

Portable Air Conditioner Model: SW-MC

Portable Air Conditioner Model: SW-MT

Solar Air Conditioner Model: SW-SD

Solar Air Conditioner Model: SW-SE

Parking air conditioner Model: SW-PD

Wall Split Air Conditioner Model: SW-K

Wall Split Air Conditioner Model: SW-A

Floor Standing Air Conditioner Model: SW-F2

Explosion Proof Air Conditioner

Elevator Air Conditioner

Ice Maker Machine

Flake Ice Machine

Block Ice Machine

Tube Ice Machine

Dry Ice Machine


Home Dehumidifier Model: SW-10C

Home Dehumidifier Model: SW-10D

Home Dehumidifier Model: SW-12B

Home Dehumidifier Model: SW-12D

Home Dehumidifier Model: SW-16C

Industrial Dehumidifier Model:SW-ID-150D

Industrial Dehumidifier Model:SW-ID-90K

Ceiling Dehumidifier

Electric Motor

Fan Motor Model: SW-FMX

Fan Motor Model: SW-FMP

Fan Motor Model: SW-FMT

Three Phase Motor 

Refrigeration Product

Refrigeration Products Customize Your Project

We can help you to achieve your requirement ! Whether you need a different cooling capacity, size, type, or style, we will match your needs timely. Meanwhile deliver the order fast with guaranteed quality and quantity.

Refrigeration Specialists at "Speedway"

We’re a leading refrigeration products manufacturer in China reason for, we did what we are good of, and we focus on refrigeration industry. In Speedway company, you won’t be treated only as customer. We consider you as our community of interests and long life partner, and our aim is to help you selling more! So as that, we not only focus on the product, but also on your business itself.

We will recommend the most suitable products according to your climate type and application. For your specific project , we can provide the most correct solution, because we understand the needs and characteristics of most countries, and remind which details you need paying special attention to avoid wasting time and money.

Every part will be tested 3 times ( raw material, processing, completion) before leaving the factory to ensure you can receive qualified products. We firmly believe that only your business continues to move forward, our business will be better and better.
Chat with us if you want to co-operate with a trusted supplier of refrigeration products.

Ice block machine 004

Different Types of Refrigeration Products

It can be divided into two categories: industrial & commercial refrigeration product, and household refrigeration product. Industrial & commercial refrigeration product includes industrial refrigeration equipment, central air conditioning and refrigeration equipment; Household refrigeration equipment includes household air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers,dehumidifiers and related accessories.

Wall split air conditioner SW-A 1

There are 2 types of cooling ways for refrigeration product: direct cooling and indirect cooling. Direct cooling uses the evaporation of the refrigerant to directly cool the air in it, and rely on the cold air to cool the objects which needed cooling; Indirect cooling relies on the evaporation of the refrigerant in the evaporator, so that the refrigerating medium (such as brine) is cooled, and then the refrigerating medium is input into the box or building of the refrigeration device, finally the air in it is cooled through the heat exchanger.

Advantages of Our Refrigeration Products

1# Worked in refrigeration industry 12+ years, exported to more than 70 different countries and areas, so we know your market better,can provide you valuable solution and suggestion.

2# Have strict product quality control procedures to ensure each product is qualified. Also co-operated with SGS/TUV/BV third-party inspection constituion, which can randomly inspect before the production.

3# All welders have qualification certificates and conduct regular trainings to ensure there will be no major quality issues in actual operation. Once occur some quality problems, they also can be solved timely.

4# Adopt the most advanced OA management system to ensure timely communication and efficient work of various departments. Any problems can be found and solved promptly.

How to Choose Right Refrigeration Products

1# Climate type

High/Medium/Low temperature, which type you need? Are you in tropical zone , temperate zone, or frigid zone? Different temperature uses different refrigeration products, different temperature has it’s unique characteristics, make sure before buying.

2# Refrigerant

We have R22/404/410A/32/134A/448A/449A.. many types refrigerant to choose. First confirm which product you will buy, next you should know if your government has any forbidden about refrigerant.For example, R22 is forbidden by many countries,  R404 is forbidden in some European counties, etc.That is very important before you confirming your order.

R410a Refrigerant

3# Application

Household uses 110~220V, industrial or commercial purpose uses 380V normally, meanwhile, household places uses small or medium cooling capacity is enough, industrial or commercial sites need using big capacity ( accordingly to the area size).

4# Energy Consumption

Inverter type can save 30% energy bill, and can be safer used in areas with unstable voltage.Of course, the price is more higher.Meanwhile, don’t misuse your frequency, your country should use 50Hz or 60Hz, not both. 

Teamwork Support for Refrigeration Products

Our team members all worked in refrigeration industry at least 5 years, some have experences in big company before ( Midea/ Gree/ Panasonic / LG..) , so they have expertise to surve you.

We have fixed persons to contact with you before and after the sales to ensure responding your questions in time. No matter what questions you have, we will reply within 24 hours.

We will also regularly return to customers by email or telephone, and warmly welcome to give us comments !

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