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When it comes to preserving perishable goods and maintaining optimal storage conditions, cold rooms play a vital role in various industries such as food storage, farmaseutikal, chemical, and manufacturing. The heart of these temperature-controlled environments is condensing units, the backbone of refrigeration systems that ensure consistent and efficient cooling.

This article delves into the realm of cold room Unit Pemeluwapan, highlighting the top 10 manufacturers in the USA. These companies have distinguished themselves through their commitment to excellence, cutting-edge technologies, kecekapan tenaga, and reliable performance. Whether you are in the market to build a new cold room or seeking to upgrade your existing refrigeration system, this comprehensive list will serve as a valuable guide.

But notice these top-ranked manufacturers are just our idea, before making a decision please get in touch with them to verify their profession and skills.

The brands are ranked in no particular order, for more questions or requests please Hubungi Kami.


Jenis perniagaan: Pengeluar, Distributor, Contractor, Leader

ibu pejabat: 300 S. Main St. Sharpsburg, PA 15215, USA

Bertahun Pengalaman: Sejak 1906


Hussmann logo

Hussmann Corporation is a prominent player in the refrigeration industry, with a rich history and a focus on delivering high-quality products. The company’s commitment to innovation, reliability, and sustainability has earned them a stellar reputation as a trusted manufacturer of Unit Pemeluwapan and refrigeration systems.

Hussmann’s condensing units can meet the strict requirements of various applications, including Cold Rooms. These units are designed to deliver efficient cooling while ensuring precise Kawalan Suhu. Hussmann prioritizes energy efficiency, as their condensing units will reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact.

In addition to its focus on product excellence, Hussmann places great emphasis on customer satisfaction. They work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and provide tailored solutions. Hussmann’s dedicated team of experts offers comprehensive support, including assistance with system design, pemasangan, and ongoing maintenance. This customer-centric approach has solidified its position as a trusted partner in the industry.


Jenis perniagaan: Pengeluar, Dealer, Contractor, Pengeksport, OEMs

ibu pejabat: 2175 W Park Place Blvd, Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30081, USA

Bertahun Pengalaman: Sejak 1986


heatcraft logo

Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration is a leading manufacturer of Commercial Refrigeration Systems, including condensing units. With a strong presence in the industry, Heatcraft has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality products, innovative solutions, and exceptional customer service.

Heatcraft’s condensing units will meet the rigid requirements of commercial and industrial applications. They pay more attention to energy efficiency, reliability, and ease of installation. Heatcraft understands the importance of maintaining Optimal Temperatures in refrigeration systems, and their condensing units have good performance to deliver precise temperature control and efficient cooling.

What sets Heatcraft’s condensing units apart is their commitment to innovation and advanced technologies. The company continually invests in research and development to stay at the forefront of the industry. They incorporate cutting-edge features into their condensing units, seperti motor tertukar secara elektronik (ECM) for enhanced energy efficiency and advanced diagnostic capabilities for easy maintenance and troubleshooting.


Jenis perniagaan: Pengeluar, Distributor, Contractor, Fabricator, Pengeksport, Pioneer

ibu pejabat: 4401 N. Bell School Road, Loves Park, Illinois, 61111, USA

Bertahun Pengalaman: Sejak 1933



Danfoss, a global leader in cooling, pemanasan, and refrigeration solutions, has a rich history and a strong presence in the HVACR industry. With an emphasis on innovation, kecekapan tenaga, and sustainability, Danfoss has become synonymous with high-quality products, including condensing units.

Danfoss’s condensing units can conform to the demanding requirements of diverse applications, from commercial refrigeration to industrial cooling. These units are built with a focus on energy efficiency, reliability, and precise temperature control. Danfoss incorporates advanced features and technologies into their condensing units, such as variable speed drives, electronic controls, and intelligent monitoring systems, to optimize performance and minimize energy consumption.


Jenis perniagaan: Fabricator, Dealer, Contractor, Designer, Pengeksport

ibu pejabat: 4080 Enterprise Way Flowery Branch, GA 30542, USA

Bertahun Pengalaman: Sejak 1934


logo bitzer

Bitzer, a global refrigeration technology company, has a long-standing history and a strong presence in refrigeration industry. Renowned for its expertise in compressors and refrigeration solutions.

Bitzer operates worldwide and serves a wide range of industries, including commercial refrigeration, pemprosesan makanan, industrial cooling, dan Penyaman Udara. The company’s dedication to innovation, reliability, and energy efficiency has solidified its position as a key player in the market, particularly in the condensing unit field.

Bitzer’s condensing units are renowned for their superior performance, efficiency, and durability. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of refrigeration applications, these units offer precise temperature control and optimal energy efficiency. Bitzer incorporates advanced technologies, such as variable speed drives, intelligent controls, and advanced heat exchange systems, into their condensing units to maximize efficiency and reliability.


Jenis perniagaan: Pengeluar, Distributor, Pioneer, Designer, Pengeksport

ibu pejabat: 500 Conrad Harcourt Way Rushville, IN 46173, USA

Bertahun Pengalaman: Sejak 1921



Copeland Corporation, a subsidiary of Emerson Climate Technologies, is an outstanding manufacturer of refrigeration compressors and condensing units. With a rich history and emphasis on innovation and reliability, Copeland has become a trusted name in the industry.

Hari ini, Copeland is recognized globally for its expertise in compressor technology and its comprehensive range of condensing units. The company caters to various industries, including commercial refrigeration, penyimpanan makanan, pengangkutan, and industrial applications.

Tambahan pula, Copeland maintains strong partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), contractors, and end-users. By collaborating with industry stakeholders, Copeland stays informed about market trends and customer requirements, allowing them to deliver innovative and reliable solutions.


Jenis perniagaan: Pengeluar, Peniaga, Contractor, Importer, Pengeksport

ibu pejabat: 5683 Hines Drive Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108, USA

Bertahun Pengalaman: Sejak 1934


pemampat tecumseh

Tecumseh is a famous manufacturer of refrigeration and Penyaman Udara pemampat, as well as condensing units. With a rich history and an emphasis on quality, Tecumseh has earned a reputation as a trusted provider of reliable and efficient cooling solutions.

Tecumseh’s extensive product line includes a diverse range of condensing units designed for various applications. These units will deliver efficient cooling and precise temperature control, making them suitable for a wide range of refrigeration needs. Tecumseh’s condensing units are renowned for their reliability, durability, and energy efficiency.


Jenis perniagaan: Pengeluar, Distributor, Contractor, Designer, OEMs

ibu pejabat: 2016 Gees Mill Rd NE, Conyers, GA 30013, USA

Bertahun Pengalaman: Sejak 1887



Hillphoenix, a well-established company in the commercial refrigeration industry, has a rich history and a strong presence as a manufacturer of condensing units and refrigeration systems. Known for their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Hillphoenix’s Unit Pemeluwapan have the strict requirements of commercial applications, providing reliable and efficient cooling. These units focus on energy efficiency, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing environmental impact. Hillphoenix incorporates advanced technologies, such as high-efficiency compressors and advanced controls, into their condensing units to maximize energy savings.

Hillphoenix places great importance on innovation and technological advancements. The company invests in research and development to stay at the forefront of the industry. Hillphoenix continuously explores new technologies and designs to improve the performance and efficiency of its condensing units. By embracing innovation, they deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet evolving market demands.


Jenis perniagaan: Pengeluar, Pengeksport, Contractor, Dealer, Importer

ibu pejabat: 10130 Mallard Creek Rd Ste 300, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28262, USA

Bertahun Pengalaman: Sejak 1945



KeepRite Refrigeration, a division of the Rheem Manufacturing Company, has a long-standing history and a strong presence in the commercial refrigeration industry. With a commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, KeepRite has become a trusted manufacturer of condensing units and refrigeration systems.

KeepRite’s condensing units can meet the diverse needs of commercial refrigeration applications. These units can deliver reliable and efficient cooling, ensuring optimal temperature control and food preservation. KeepRite incorporates advanced technologies, such as high-efficiency compressors and intelligent controls, into their condensing units to maximize energy efficiency and performance.

Quality is a fundamental aspect of KeepRite’s business. The company places great emphasis on producing durable and reliable condensing units. KeepRite’s manufacturing processes adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring that their products consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. Their focus on quality has earned them a reputation for delivering robust and long-lasting refrigeration solutions.


Jenis perniagaan: Fabricator, Pengeksport, Distributor, Contractor, Pengeksport

ibu pejabat: 7700 Jackson Road Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA

Bertahun Pengalaman: Sejak 1948


Trenton refrigeration logo

Trenton Refrigeration has a long history and a strong presence as a manufacturer of condensing units and other refrigeration components. Known for its quality craftsmanship, innovation, and customer-centric approach.

Trenton Refrigeration serves various industries, including food service, pasaraya, convenience stores, medicine factories, and more. The company’s product portfolio includes a wide range of refrigeration components, including condensing units, penyejat, air-cooled condensers, dan penyejuk unit.

Trenton Refrigeration is committed to customer satisfaction. The company works closely with customers to understand their unique requirements and provide customized solutions. Trenton Refrigeration’s team of experts offers technical support, system design assistance, and after-sales services to ensure that customers receive the right condensing units for their specific needs.

Kysor warren

Jenis perniagaan: Pengeluar, Distributor, Pengeksport, Contractor, OEMs

ibu pejabat: 5201 Transport Blvd Columbus Georgia 31907, USA

Bertahun Pengalaman: Sejak 1900


kysor warren

Kysor Warren, a division of Epta US, is a prominent manufacturer of refrigeration systems and solutions, including condensing units. With a rich history and a strong presence in the commercial and industrial refrigeration industry, Kysor Warren has earned a reputation for innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Kysor Warren’s condensing units have the rigid requirements of commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. These units are with reliable and efficient cooling while maintaining precise temperature control. Kysor Warren incorporates advanced technologies, such as energy-efficient compressors and intelligent controls, into their condensing units to optimize performance and energy savings. One of the key strengths of Kysor Warren is its commitment to innovation.


In the cold room cooling field, condensing units play a vital role in ensuring Optimal Temperature control and efficient operation. The top condensing unit manufacturers in the USA have solidified their positions through a combination of innovation, reliability, and customer-centric approaches.

As the demand for efficient and sustainable cold room cooling continues to rise, these top condensing unit manufacturers are at the forefront of shaping the future of refrigeration technology. Through their unwavering commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction, they ensure that businesses across various sectors can rely on high-performance condensing units to preserve perishable goods and meet their refrigeration needs effectively.

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