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Our machine can produce flake ice with 1.0~2.5mm thickness, 10~45mm diameter, has excellent refrigeration effect and rapid cooling capacity. Also can customize your demand, hubungi kami Sekarang!

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Flake Ice Machine Application

Flake ice machines are versatile and find application in various industries due to the unique characteristics of the ice they produce. Seperti:Food and Beverage Industry, Medical and Healthcare, Commercial Fishing, Supermarkets and Grocery Stores, Hospitality Industry, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Concrete Cooling, Mining Industry, Dairy Industry, Banquet Halls and Event Catering, Horticulture,dan lain-lain. The produced ice can keep the items fresh and appropriate usage.

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Pemprosesan makanan

Pemprosesan makanan

Meat Processing

Meat Processing

Vegetable Preservation

Vegetable Preservation

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Kerosakan bilik sejuk

Bilik sejuk

Concrete Mixing

Concrete Cooling

(Flake) Ice Machine Faults and Troubleshooting

KesalahanSebabPenyelesaian masalah
No Ice ProductionPower issues, water supply problems,malfunctioning components.1. Check power supply and connections.
2. Ensure water supply is adequate and not blocked.
3. Inspect the water inlet valve for any issues.
4. Examine the evaporator and condenser for damage.
Insufficient IceLow water flow, issues with temperature settings, refrigerant problems. 1. Check and clean the water filter.
2. Adjust temperature settings if necessary.
3. Verify refrigerant levels and recharge if needed.
4. Ensure the water pump is functioning correctly.
Ice Quality IssuesDirty water, mineral buildup, problems with water filtration.1. Clean the ice machine thoroughly.
2. Replace water filters regularly.
3. Inspect the water supply for impurities.
4. Adjust water hardness settings if applicable.
Excessive NoiseLoose or damaged components, issues with the compressor.1. Tighten loose components.
2. Check for any foreign objects causing noise.
3. Inspect the compressor for issues.
4. Lubricate moving parts if necessary.
Air BocorClogged drain, damaged water lines, issues with the water inlet valve. 1. Clear any debris from the drain.
2. Check water lines for leaks and replace if needed.
3. Inspect the water inlet valve for damage.
4. Ensure proper water pressure.
Display/Control IssuesElectronic malfunctions, sensor problems.1. Check power to the control panel.
2. Calibrate or replace malfunctioning sensors.
3. Reset the control panel if applicable.
4. Update firmware/software if available.
Ice OverproductionMalfunctioning control, faulty sensors.1. Check and recalibrate the control system.
2. Inspect and replace malfunctioning sensors.
3. Ensure the ice machine is set to the correct production.
4. Check for any obstructions in the ice production path.
Ice Melting PrematurelyHigh ambient temperature, faulty thermostat.1. Check and adjust the thermostat settings.
2. Ensure the ice storage area is properly insulated.
3. Check for ventilation issues in the machine’s location.
4. Verify that the condenser is clean and functioning well.
Ice Machine OverheatingHigh ambient temperature, poor ventilation, malfunctioning condenser fan. 1. Improve ventilation in the ice machine’s location.
2. Clean the condenser coils regularly.
3. Check and replace a faulty condenser fan.
4. Reduce the workload if the machine is constantly running.
Ice Machine Won’t Turn OnPower supply issues, faulty control board, damaged wiring. 1. Check power supply and connections.
2. Inspect and replace a malfunctioning control board.
3. Examine the power cord and wiring for any damage.
4. Test and replace a defective on/off switch if necessary.
Ice Machine Freezes UpRefrigerant issues, low ambient temperature, malfunctioning thermostat. 1. Verify and adjust the refrigerant levels.
2. Ensure the ambient temperature is within the specified range.
3. Replace a faulty thermostat.
4. Regularly clean the evaporator coils.
Uneven Ice ProductionUneven water distribution, faulty water pump, issues with the water level sensor. 1. Check for clogs or restrictions in water distribution.
2. Ensure the water pump is distributing water evenly.
3. Calibrate or replace the water level sensor.
4. Verify the water inlet valve is functioning properly.

Flake Ice Machine Installation and Commissioning

Installation Steps

1) Site Preparation

Choose a well-ventilated location with adequate space around the machine. Ensure proper drainage and accessibility for maintenance.

2) Electrical Connections

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for electrical requirements. Install a dedicated circuit and connect the machine to a power source with the appropriate voltage.

3) Water Supply Connection

Connect the ice machine to a clean and filtered water supply. Install a shut-off valve and a water filter to prevent impurities that can affect ice quality.

Gambarajah Pemasangan

Gambarajah Pemasangan

4) Drain Installation

Connect the drain line to a suitable drainage point. Make sure the drain line is properly sloped to allow efficient drainage and prevent water accumulation.

5) Leveling the Machine

Use a level to ensure the machine is perfectly level. Adjust the machine’s feet to achieve proper leveling. This is crucial for the proper operation of the ice machine.

6) Airflow Considerations

Ensure that the ice machine has sufficient airflow. Allow enough space around the machine to facilitate proper ventilation and heat dissipation.


Component Structure

7) Ice Bin Installation (if separate)

If the ice machine has a separate ice bin, install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure it is level and securely attached to the ice machine.

Commissioning Steps

1) Initial Power-Up

Turn on the power to the ice machine. Allow it to go through its startup sequence. Check for any error codes or alarms on the control panel.

2) Water Flow Check

Verify that water is flowing correctly through the water system. Check for leaks and ensure proper water circulation.

3) Refrigeration System Check

Monitor the refrigeration system. Listen for any unusual noises and check for proper temperature reduction in the evaporator.

4) Ice Thickness Adjustment

If applicable, adjust the ice thickness setting according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This ensures that the ice produced meets desired specifications.

Section View

Drum Section View

5) Initial Cleaning Cycle

Run the initial cleaning cycle as recommended by the manufacturer. This ensures that any residues from the manufacturing process are removed.

6) Ice Production Test

Allow the machine to produce its first batch of ice. Check the quality and size of the ice produced. Ensure it meets the specified requirements.

7) Pemantauan

Continuously monitor the machine for the first few hours of operation. Check for any irregularities, leaks, or issues that may arise during the initial production cycles.

Flake ice machine blade 01

Blade ( SS316 Material )

8) User Training

If applicable, provide training to users or operators. This includes instructions on daily operation, cleaning procedures, and basic troubleshooting.

9) Follow-up Inspection

Conduct a follow-up inspection after the initial operation period to ensure everything is functioning as expected. Address any issues that may have arisen.

How to Produce Evaporator Drum?

Plate Bending

#1. Plate Bending

Full Automatic Welding

#2. Full Automatic Welding

Vertical Lathe

#3. Vertical Lathe


#4. Annealing

Evaporator Grinding

#5. Evaporator Internal Grinding

Acid Washing

#6. Acid Washing


#7. Testing


#8. Assembling

Finished Products

#9. Finished Product

Flake Ice Machine Parameter

ice making capacity (Kg/24h)500
Ice storage capacity (Kg)30065090013002000
Kapasiti penyejukan (Kcal/h)2,801
Compressor power (HP)3581015
Compressor brand
Jenis PemampatScrollScrollScrollScrollScroll
Evaporating Temperature-22℃-22℃-22℃-22℃-22℃
Condensing Temperature40℃40℃40℃40℃40℃
Bahan penyejukR404/R290R404/R290R404/R290R404/R290R404/R290
Compressor input power (Kw)2.253.7567.511.25
Reducer power (Kw)
Circulation pump power (Kw)
Total power (Kw)2.654.
Flake thickness (mm)1.5-2.51.5-2.51.5-2.51.5-2.51.5-2.5
Cara penyejukanAir cooling/Water coolingAir cooling/Water coolingAir cooling/Water coolingAir cooling/Water coolingAir cooling/Water cooling
Power supply1ph 220V/50Hz3ph 380V/50Hz3ph 380V/50Hz3ph 380V/50Hz3ph 380V/50Hz
Water temperature18℃18℃18℃18℃18℃
Ice Temperature-6℃-6℃-6℃-6℃-6℃
Running noise(dB)<40<43<43<45<46
Falling ice diameter (mm)390390390450450
Berat bersih (Kg)220253275397450
Panjang (mm)11851240124014501750
Lebar (mm)169092092010501085
Ketinggian (mm)66081089010901190

Why Choose Our Flake Ice Machine?

#1.Branded Compressor

The compressor is the heart of ice machine, we normally use Copeland/Bitzer/Danfoss/Sanyo compressor, and choosing a renowned brand brings forth several advantages.

1) Reliability and Durability

Our flake ice machines use compressors known for their reliability and robust construction. This ensures consistent performance over the long term, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

2) Kecekapan Tenaga

The use of a leading compressor brand reflects a commitment to energy efficiency. These compressors will operate optimally, ensuring the ice-making process is not only reliable but also energy-efficient.

Branded Compressor
Vertical Evaporator

#2.Vertical Evaporator

1) Efficient Ice Formation

The vertical evaporator design facilitates efficient ice formation. It ensures that water is evenly distributed over a larger surface area, promoting a faster and more uniform freezing process.

2) Enhanced Heat Exchange

Vertical evaporators optimize heat exchange during the ice-making process. The design allows for better contact between the refrigerant and the water, resulting in quicker and more effective cooling.

3) Consistent Flake Size

Flake ice produced in a machine with a vertical evaporator tends to have a more consistent size and thickness. This ensures uniformity in the ice produced, meeting the specific needs of various industries and applications.

#3.Intelligent Control

1) Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

The intelligent control system offers real-time monitoring of key metrics such as ice production rates, water levels, and machine status. Operators receive instant alerts in case of any irregularities, enabling proactive maintenance and issue resolution.

2) Customized Programming

The system allows for customizable programming to meet specific requirements. Users can set ice production schedules, adjust thickness settings, and tailor the machine’s operation to suit the needs of different applications.

3) User-friendly Interface

The control interface is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for operators to set parameters, monitor performance, and access diagnostic information. This ensures that even users without extensive technical knowledge can operate the machine efficiently.

Intelligent Control
Thicken PU Inslation

#4.Thicken PU Inslation

Use 6cm PU panel insulation layer, and thicken SS304 materials cover, can store 4 days ice no melting.

1) Reduced Energy Consumption

Improved insulation means that the machine operates with reduced reliance on continuous cooling cycles. This results in lower energy consumption, contributing to operational cost savings and aligning with sustainability goals.

2) Extended Storage Time

Thicker PU insulation extends the time ice can be stored without compromising its quality. This is particularly beneficial in scenarios where the ice needs to be stored before use, providing flexibility in operational workflows.

3) Noise Reduction

Thicker insulation has the added benefit of reducing noise levels. It acts as a sound buffer, dampening the operational noise of the machine. This is particularly advantageous in environments where noise reduction is a priority.

#5. Automatic Ice Production

1) Time Efficiency

Automation significantly reduces the time required for ice production. The machine operates seamlessly, ensuring a continuous and efficient flow of flake ice without constant monitoring.

2) Labor Savings

With automatic ice production, there is a reduction in the need for constant manual oversight. This leads to labor savings, allowing operators to allocate resources more efficiently within the facility.

Automatic Ice Production
Hubungi kami untuk penyaman udara

#6. Perkhidmatan selepas jualan

1) 24/7 Sokongan teknikal

Emergencies don’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule. That’s why our technical support is available 24/7, providing peace of mind to our customers that help is readily available whenever it’s needed.

2) Remote Diagnostics

Our advanced systems allow for remote diagnostics. In many cases, our support team can identify and resolve issues remotely, minimizing downtime and ensuring a swift resolution to problems.

3) On-site Maintenance and Repairs

For issues that require on-site attention, our service team can handle maintenance and repairs efficiently. We strive to minimize disruptions to your operations and get your flake ice machine back to optimal performance quickly.

Kelebihan Tambahan

Soalan Lazim

Frequently Asked Questions About Flake Ice Machine

Common types include cube ice machines, flake ice machines, nugget ice machines, mesin ais komersial, mesin ais tiub, mesin blok ais, dry ice machine, and specialty ice machines for various shapes and sizes.

Speedway komited terhadap kualiti merentas semua aspek perniagaan kami – kakitangan kami, proses dan produk. Kami memanggil ini 'standard SPEEDWAY'.

Ice machines typically work by pumping water to an ice tray, where it freezes. The ice is then released and collected in a storage bin. The process involves a refrigeration cycle and, in the case of flake ice machines, a mechanism to scrape or break the ice into flakes.

Kami mengalu-alukan sebarang pesanan sampel sebelum pembelian kuantiti besar, itu bermakna 1pc boleh diterima. Untuk kuantiti pesanan besar-besaran ialah 10pcs setiap model.

Regular cleaning is crucial. For most machines, a thorough cleaning every six months is recommended. Namun begitu, the frequency can vary based on usage and water quality. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

We have own factory to produce the main types ice machines, tetapi kami juga melakukan perdagangan untuk produk berkaitan lain kerana kami mempunyai sumber untuk membekalkan kualiti dan perkhidmatan yang baik.

Cloudy ice can be due to impurities in the water, inadequate filtration, or improper cleaning of components. Ensure that you’re using filtered water and regularly clean the machine as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

ya,kita ada 5 jurutera kanan, 13 profesional r & pasukan D, 65 kakitangan pengeluaran profesional.

It’s not recommended. Tap water may contain impurities that affect the taste and clarity of the ice. Using filtered or purified water is advisable.

Kami menyokong pembayaran melalui pindahan kawat, seperti T/T, L/C, Western Union. Juga terima pembayaran Paypal untuk pesanan sekeping sampel.

Yang pasti. Anda boleh menghantar logo anda kepada kami, pakej, reka bentuk, spesifikasi teknikal, kami akan memberi anda penyelesaian akhir yang berpuas hati dengan sewajarnya tanpa kos tambahan !

Ensure proper ventilation, regular cleaning, dan penyelenggaraan. Consider machines with energy-saving features, and adhere to recommended operating temperatures.

ya, Kami telah lakukan. Kilang kami ada inner 100% pemeriksaan untuk setiap unit sebelum dimuatkan, juga boleh membuat laporan ujian undang-undang untuk setiap shippment. Apa lagi, boleh jemput SGS / TUV / Pemeriksaan BV mengikut pelanggan’ permintaan, tetapi pelanggan perlu membayar yuran ujian.

Pertama, kita perlu memulakan perniagaan untuk memahami antara satu sama lain, jika keadaan berjalan lancar dan anda bertemu kami “permintaan pengedar”, maka kami akan menandatangani kontrak dan perjanjian rasmi untuk memastikan hak anda dalam pasaran anda.

Sila hubungi jurujual kami untuk butiran lanjut.

Regularly clean and sanitize the machine, especially the ice bin. Use approved cleaning solutions and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The lifespan of the ice machine can vary depending on factors such as maintenance, penggunaan, dan keadaan persekitaran. Secara purata, a well-maintained ice machine can last 12~15 years or more.

ya, but it should be done carefully. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for transportation, and ensure the machine is properly leveled and connected after moving.

Ensure optimal water flow, maintain proper temperature settings, and regularly clean the machine. If needed, consult with the manufacturer or a technician for adjustments.

It depends on the machine. Some are designed for outdoor use, while others are meant for controlled indoor environments. Check the specifications in the user manual.

Regular cleaning of the ice bin, checking and replacing water filters, and ensuring proper ventilation are tasks that users can perform. Namun begitu, for more complex issues, professional assistance is recommended.

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