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When comes to the basement, you will link to dampness, accompanied by an unpleasant smell.

Nowadays, many families have their own garage or underground storage room. If for a villa, the basement occupies the whole ground floor.

Due to low temperature, the relative humidity in the basement is generally high. If you put cars, tools, or store items in it, the moisture in the air will slowly corrode metal, fabric, and others. That will greatly damage your property.

Today, let’s learn something about dehumidification of the basement.

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Dehumidify the Basement

Why Humidity In The Basement Is So High?

Air circulation in the basement is not enough and no sunshine, so it belongs to the 2nd-class living space.

1. Leakage 

Basement is located in the wet soil layer all year round, and the wet rainwater permeates into the soil. If don’t use waterproof material in the construction, or the construction technology is not proper, very easy to cause groundwater infiltration.

2. Damp Air 

In spring and summer, temperature rises, the rainfall is sufficient, and the air relative humidity is higher.

The temperature of underground space is lower than the air temperature and reaches the dew point, which is easy to make the water vapors condense.

The basement floor walls are dense and the water is not easy to seep, resulting in the entire basement space becoming moist and emitting an unacceptable smell. Especially for villas, the waterproof layer is constructed on the exterior wall of the villa facing the water, and the main function is to block and divert the water.

While the basement is immersed in groundwater all year round. The groundwater has pressure, and the characteristics of water are pervasive. As long as the seams of the waterproof layer are a little broken, the water will seep in.

In addition, the wall and floor of the basement are buried in the soil, which will be eroded by moisture or groundwater for a long time, so as to cause dampness and mildew on the indoor wall and ground.

What’s The Impact Of Humidity?

If the humidity is too low, skin is easy to dry and crack, even causing breathing problems; on the contrary, if the humidity is too high, mold, bacteria, and dust mites will breed, affecting human health and housing life.

Dehumidifier Manufacturers or experts suggest the ideal indoor humidity is 40%-60% RH.

Below listed the different levels of humidity:

1. When the humidity is 0%-40%

It is conducive to the reproduction and spread of bacteria, cracking of the ground wall, and dehydration of the human cells.

2. When the humidity is 40%-55%

It can restrain the reproduction and spread of bacteria and prevent mildew and corruption.

3. When the humidity is 55%-60%

Bacteria die faster, and the human body is at the best comfort level, and the humidity is most conducive to the entry of oxygen into the bloodstream.

4. When the humidity exceeds 60%

It will cause mildew and odor. Electrical appliances and stored clothes can not be used, breeding bacteria harmful to health, and so on.

Water-proof Doesn’t Mean Moisture-proof

Waterproof refers to preventing water from infiltrating our indoor floor or walls. Waterproof is to prevent liquid water. The best solution to waterproof is to select good waterproof materials and construction methods.

Moistureproof refers to preventing goods and space from being affected by moisture, mainly aimed at damp air, is to prevent underground moisture (gaseous water), and daily dehumidification mainly refers to removing excess moisture in the air.

The problem of moistureproof mustn’t be dealt with by means of waterproof. Otherwise, it will lead to blistering and falling off of the waterproof coating layer.

Not only can’t play the role of moistureproofing but the waterproofing function will also be lost.

Dehumidification Comparison

Air Conditioning 

As an independent dehumidification function of air conditioner, the moisture in the indoor air can be condensed into water, and then remove the water through drainpipe, while the re-released air will be relatively dry, thus achieving the effect of regulating indoor air humidity.

We will feel that the air has become drier and the temperature has dropped, more suitable for summer use.

AC working no good

Air Conditioning


The actual amount of dehumidification is relatively small, and its speed is also relatively slow.

When the room is very humid and the space is relatively large, air conditioning dehumidification is obviously not enough.

When the indoor and outdoor temperature is not high, if you still use the air conditioner to dehumidify, then the cold air from the air conditioner will make the room colder and colder and then affect the comfort of everyone’s indoor activities.

Fresh Air System

Most of the fresh air systems on the market do not have a dehumidification function.

Fresh air dehumidifierFresh Air System

Only the fresh air mainframe with a dehumidification module (dehumidifying all-in-one machine) can absorb part of the moisture in the indoor air. At present, there are not many fresh air systems with this function.

The new air dehumidification all-in-one machine generally has 2 modes: internal circulation dehumidification and brand-new air dehumidification.

Internal circulation dehumidification is through the air valve switch to dehumidify the indoor air, and then open the fresh air valve at the end of the dehumidification.

Brand-new air dehumidification is to continuously detect the return air humidity through the sensor. when the humidity exceeds the set range, the compressor turns on the continuous dehumidification of the air introduced outside. after the humidity reaches the standard, turn off the compressor and continue to provide fresh air.

For dehumidification and fresh air integrated machine, the two modes can’t work together.

For villa basement, because it’s an area where moisture has been generated all the time, we recommend using internal circulation for dehumidification.

Ground Heating System

Ground heating can dehumidify is not accurate, because ground heating can not draw water out of the air, ground heating dehumidification is to avoid dew.

Ground heating system

Ground Heating System

In spring, temperature warms up, humidity increases, and the outdoor warm and humid air enters the room to condense.

If we turn on ground heating, indoor air is warmed up, surface temperature of the floor, walls, and furniture is greatly increased, so as to effectively achieve the effect of preventing condensation.

Ground heating can raise the indoor temperature in the basement and keep it at a certain temperature, keeping the room dry and reduce its humidity.


When the dehumidifier is at dehumdification, the moist air is pumped into machine by the fan, and the moisture of the air is condensed into water droplets by the two hydrophilic devices (condenser and evaporator) by using the heat exchange principle, and the water plate in the machine is connected with the drainage pipe to discharge the collected water. In order to achieve the dehumidification effect, this cycle keeps the indoor humidity at an appropriate relative humidity.

Dehumidifier for Basement

Compared with air conditioning dehumidification, the amount of dehumidification is large, and it won’t cause a drop in indoor temperature, so it’s suitable for use throughout the year.

So basement needs to be equipped with a dehumidifier to keep it dry and comfortable, improve the efficiency of the basement and improve the quality of life.

As a professional dehumidifier wholesaler and factory ( with large capacity, low temperature ), we can meet your unique requirements, Contact Us freely.

So, dehumidification by a dehumidifier is the best way to dehumidify the basement.

Industrial dehumidifier factory

Industrial Dehumidifier

So which Dehumidifier should be chosen?

Choose Dehumidifier According To The Function Of Basement

Life /Entertainment /Office 

We recommend using household or luxury household dehumidifiers. It is especially suitable for small area dehumidification, novel and beautiful appearance, low working noise, economy, and low energy consumption.

In the case of ensuring the functional use of the site, indoor humidity is controlled to the ideal range.

Furthermore, in addition to the normal refrigerant dehumidifier, you can also use the ceiling dehumidifier, which was hidden in the ceiling so that will not affect the indoor decoration, and more beautiful.


This kind of basement is mainly used to store all kinds of articles, and sometimes needed indirect dehumidification to achieve the purpose of dehumidification and moisture-proof when dehumidification is carried out indoors, so the dehumidification capacity needs to be slightly larger than the normal situation.

Mainly use Home Dehumidifier for this function, and the power is normally 2-3kw (according to storage size).
Need the dehumidification capacity is large, the model is moderate and easy to move. It can be used in different rooms in turn, and the application is flexible.

Workshop /Underground Parking Lot /Large Warehouse

Those places are characterized by wide basement areas and more specific requirements for humidity, so we recommend using professional industrial dehumidifiers with higher refrigeration performance and larger circulating air volume. Because it can quickly drive the indoor airflow and make the dehumidification faster.

But as industrial models emphasize practicality and are relatively simple in appearance, so they are more suitable for industries that do not have high requirements for appearance.

Attention: When using dehumidifier for the basement, we not only need to choose according to the above 3 different functions but also need to pay attention to whether the basement is convenient for drainages, such as there is no pre-buried drainage pipe or non-square drainage, we also have to consider choosing a dehumidifier with its own water tank or a model with a water pump for automatic drainage.

Fresh Air also Needs to Dehumidify

The basement generally has only one side of daylighting and ventilation, which is not conducive to air circulation. To ensure the comfort of the basement, we need to maintain the inflow of fresh air while considering dehumidification.
Fresh air systems, exhaust fans, and air purifiers are all good choices.

Air Purifier

Best Scheme of Air Dehumidification for Basement

1. Ventilation and dehumidification

In the basement with better air conditions, we only need to install an exhaust fan and a dehumidifier to ensure good ventilation and dehumidification at the same time.

2. Fresh air and dehumidification

The dehumidification fresh air all-in-one system or the fresh air system plus dehumidifier. Its differences from the above scheme are: it increases the inflow of fresh air after purification and ensures the quality of indoor air.


A humid environment will not only make people feel uncomfortable but also easy to breed bacteria and affect health, so the use of dehumidifiers is becoming more and more common.

In fact, not only the basement of the villa, near the hillside, seaside, rivers, lakes, and other places of housing, should also consider using dehumidifiers to solve the moisture problem.

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