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Flower cold room

فئة المحتوى

The floral industry is a lucrative and dynamic market, but it also poses unique challenges to companies that deal with perishable products. The quality of flowers can make or break a company, which is why proper storage and preservation techniques are essential. One of the most effective ways to keep flowers fresh is using flower cold rooms.

Flower cold room is a special cold storage facility that is designed to create the optimal environment for storing flowers. These rooms have features like temperature and humidity control, air circulation systems, and shelving or racks designed to accommodate floral containers.

Flower Storage Temperature

Different flowers require specific temperature and humidity levels when stored in a cold room. The following table lists the temperature and humidity levels required for storing different fresh flowers in a flower cold room.

Flower TypeStorage Temperature Relative Humidity Level وقت التخزين
Roses1-3درجة مئوية / 34-37°F85 - 90%2-3 أسابيع
Carnations1-3درجة مئوية / 34-37°F85 - 90%2-3 أسابيع
Lilies2-4درجة مئوية / 36-39°F75 - 80%2-3 أسابيع
Tulips1-3درجة مئوية / 34-37°F85 - 90%2-3 أسابيع
Hyacinths1-3درجة مئوية / 34-37°F75 - 80%1-2 أسابيع
Silverbells3-5درجة مئوية / 37-41°F85 - 90%2-3 أسابيع
Geraniums8-10درجة مئوية / 46-50°F60 - 70%1-2 أسابيع
Calla Lilies1-3درجة مئوية / 34-37°F85 - 90%2-3 أسابيع
Forget-me-nots1-3درجة مئوية / 34-37°F85 - 90%1-2 أسابيع
Hydrangeas1-3درجة مئوية / 34-37°F90 - 95%1-2 أسابيع
Orchids10-13درجة مئوية / 50-55°F70 - 80%4-6 أسابيع
Sunflowers0-2درجة مئوية / 32-34°F70 - 80%7-10 أيام
Peonies0-2°C /32-34°F90 - 95%1-2 أسابيع

انتباه: This is just a guideline for some common flowers, and the storage requirements may vary in different environments and situations. When selecting the temperature and humidity levels for storing fresh flowers, make sure to consult the recommendations for specific flower varieties and adjust accordingly based on the actual conditions, if have any questions, also can Contact our personnel.

Flower Cold Room Advantages

1. Extend shelf life

By providing the ideal temperature, رطوبة, and air circulation, a flower cold room can keep flowers fresh for much longer periods than traditional storage ways.

2. Better quality

Flowers that are stored in a flower cold room maintain their quality for longer periods. They stay vibrant and fragrant, and they don’t wilt or droop as quickly as flowers that are stored at room temperature.

3. Increase profit

By using a flower cold room, florists and other flower-related firms can increase their profits. With longer shelf lives and better quality flowers, they can reduce waste and sell more products.

4. Better inventory management

Flower cold rooms can help with inventory management. By keeping flowers fresh for longer periods, florists and other businessmen can better manage their inventory and reduce the risk of overstocking or running out of stock.

5. More flexibility

With a flower cold room, firms have more flexibility in terms of when they can order and receive flowers. They can order larger quantities of flowers and store them for longer periods, which can help them better serve their customers.

6. Cost-effective

While flower cold rooms can be a significant investment, they are ultimately cost-effective in the long run. By reducing waste and increasing profits, companies can recoup the cost of the cold room over time.

Flower cold room - flower 01

7. Increase customer satisfaction

Cold rooms help to maintain flower quality and freshness, leading to happier customers who are more likely to return to the business in the future.

8. Better product differentiation

By offering longer-lasting and higher-quality flowers, firms can differentiate themselves from competitors and attract more customers.

How to Maintain Flower Quality in Cold Room?

While a flower cold room can provide many benefits for companies that work with fresh flowers, it’s important to take proper steps to maintain the quality of the flowers in storage.

Here are some tips for maintaining flower quality in a flower cold room:

1. Monitor temperature and humidity

Maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels in the flower cold room to ensure that the flowers stay fresh. The ideal temperature for most types of flowers is between 34-38 (1-3درجة مئوية) and should maintain the humidity at approx 80-90%.

2. Regularly check flowersquality

Regularly inspect the flowers in storage to ensure that they are maintaining their quality. Look for any signs of wilting, discoloration, or other damage.

Should remove any flowers from storage that show signs of deterioration.

3. Properly package flowers

Proper packaging can help to maintain the quality of flowers in storage. Use clean, dry containers or boxes, and wrap the flowers in paper or plastic to prevent them from drying out or becoming damage.

4. Rotate stock

Rotate the stock of flowers in the flower cold room to ensure that older flowers are used first. This helps to prevent any flowers from staying in storage for too long and losing their quality.

5. Clean cold room regularly

Regular cleaning of the flower cold room helps to prevent the buildup of bacteria or other contaminants that can damage the flowers in storage.

Clean the room thoroughly at least once a month, and sanitize any surfaces that come into contact with the flowers.

6. Proper air circulation

Proper air circulation is important to ensure that flowers are evenly exposed to cool air and that moisture levels are maintained.

Make sure that the air vents in the cold room are not blocked and that air is circulating effectively.

Flower cold room - flower 02

7. Ethylene management

Ethylene is a gas produced by some flowers that can cause other flowers to age more quickly. It is important to monitor ethylene levels and take steps to prevent the gas from building up in the cold room.

How to Select Qualified Flower Cold Room?

If you’re considering purchasing a flower cold room for your business, it’s important to select the right one to meet your needs.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting and purchasing a flower cold room:

1. مقاس

Consider the size of the flower cold room that you need based on the volume of flowers that you typically store. Make sure the cold room is large enough to store all of your flowers without overcrowding.

2. التحكم في درجة الحرارة

Look for a flower cold room with precise temperature control to ensure that the flowers stay at the optimal temperature for freshness. Some flower cold rooms may also have humidity control features, which can help to maintain the quality of the flowers.

3. Energy efficiency

Choose a flower cold room that is energy efficient to help reduce your operating costs. Look for models with high-quality insulation and energy-efficient lighting.

4. Durability and reliability

A flower cold room is a significant investment, so it’s important to choose one that is durable and reliable. Look for models with high-quality construction and components, and choose a Reputable Manufacturer with a track record of producing reliable cold rooms.

5. Installation and maintenance

Consider the installation and maintenance requirements for the flower cold room. Look for a model that is easy to install and maintain, and choose a manufacturer that provides good support.

6. سعر

The cost of a flower cold room can vary widely based on the size, سمات, and manufacturer. Consider your budget when selecting a cold room, but also make sure that you’re choosing a model that meets your needs and provides good value for the price.

7. مستوى الضوضاء

Consider the noise level of the cold room, particularly if it will be located in a customer-facing area. Look for models with low noise levels to minimize disruptions.

8. After-sales support

Ensure the manufacturer or supplier offers good after-sales support, including warranty, بصلح, and maintenance services.

Flower cold room - flower 03

9. حماية

Consider the security features of the cold room, such as locks or alarms, to ensure the safety of your flowers.

10. Customization options

Some cold room manufacturers offer customization options to fit your specific needs, such as adjustable shelving or temperature and humidity controls.

11. Future growth

Consider your future business needs and growth potential when selecting a cold room. Look for models that can accommodate future expansion or increased storage capacity.


A flower cold room can provide many benefits for companies that need to store fresh flowers. By maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level (يستخدم مزيل الرطوبة), a cold room can help to extend the shelf life of flowers and preserve their quality. Additionally, using a cold room can help to reduce waste and save money by minimizing the need to discard flowers that have wilted or died prematurely.

When selecting a flower cold room, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your business and the types of flowers you will store.

Overall, investing in a flower cold room can be a valuable decision for firms that rely on fresh flowers. By providing a controlled environment for storage, a cold room can help to maintain the quality of flowers and ensure that they remain fresh and vibrant for as long as possible.

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