Cooling Capacity Tonnage Calculation

Most people asked us: How to calculate the tonnage or HP (horsepower) для Кондиционер equipment and Холодная комната refrigeration system? Хорошо, actually there are many aspects can affect the cooling performance of refrigeration equipment, cooling capacity is the most important one. As our 12+ years experience, believe we can provide the most suitable solution for your project.

Уведомление: Cooling performance will be affacted by many other factors: room set temp, ambient temp, влажность, вентиляция, installation height, и т. д.. So please tell us more details about your project, we will give you the most suitable solution. For more request, please contact us freely.

Cold Room Volume to Horsepower Calculation

Вопрос: How to calculate which HP(horsepower) refrigeration system ( condensing unit or unit cooler) should need for my cold room?

Отвечать: Хорошо, 1) calculate your room dimension: Length*Width*Height, 2) divided by coefficient.

Low set temp (<-20°С): Volume/11

High and medium set temp(>-15°С): Volume/14


1) Cold room size: 6*6*3м, room set temp -20°C

So you need Refrigeration HP= 108m3 / 11 = 9.8 10л.с.

2) Cold room size: 6*6*3м, room set temp -5°C

So you need Refrigeration HP= 108m3 / 15 = 7.2 7л.с.

Panel Total Cost Calculation for Cold Room

Панель холодильной камеры is the essential component for cold room, but many people don’t know how to calculate the whole panel area for a cold room? Первый, you should calculate all the 6 sides of the cold room: roof + стена + floor. Второй, you should know the set temperature for the cold room, because different set temp use different thickness panel (means different price):

Толщина панелиPanel MaterialПодключение панели Cold Room Set Temp
75ммPU/PIRCamlock / Slip Joint>0°C
100ммPU/PIRCamlock / Slip Joint0 ~ -15°C
150ммPU/PIRCamlock / Slip Joint-15 ~ -35°C
200ммPU/PIRCamlock / Slip Joint<-35°C

Внимание: Panel cost will vary due to the raw materialscost changing. So before you calculate the total cost for your cold room project, please contact us to verify the newest unit price.

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