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Cold room panel is the essential part for cold room, its quality is the key point for the whole cold room ( armazém frio) project, you should select the cold room panel suppliers with good quality and reputation.

Today we will recommend the top 10 cold room panel manufacturers in USA, discovering their rich histories, remarkable accomplishments, and commitment to excellence.

But notice these manufacturers are just our idea, antes de tomar uma decisão, entre em contato com eles para verificar sua profissão e habilidades.

As marcas não são classificadas em nenhuma ordem específica, para mais perguntas ou solicitações, por favor Contate-nos.


Tipo de negócios: Fabricante, Comerciante, Distribuidor, Designer

Quartel general: 1720 Lakepointe Dr, Ste. #101 Lewisville, TX 75057

anos de experiência: Desde 1968

Local na rede Internet:


Metl-Span is a prominent manufacturer of insulated panels, including cold room panels. Founded over 50 years ago, Metl-Span has been a trusted leader in the industry, offering a wide range of high-quality products and innovative solutions.

Metl-Span’s main business revolves around manufacturing insulated metal panels that combine structural integrity with exceptional thermal insulation properties. These panels consist of a foam core, such as PU, or EPS, sandwiched between two metal skins. The resulting composite offers superior thermal performance, durabilidade, e eficiência energética.

Metl-Span’s cold room panels can meet the stringent requirements of maintaining precise temperature control in facilities such as walk-in coolers, congeladores, e Armazenamento refrigerado. These panels help ensure the freshness and quality of perishable goods while minimizing energy consumption.

With a nationwide presence and a network of authorized fabricators and distributors, Metl-Span delivers its products efficiently across the United States. Their panels are known for their ease of installation, versatility, and ability to meet diverse project requirements.


Tipo de negócios: Fabricante, Exportador, Distribuidor, instalador

Quartel general: 2100 Riveredge Pkwy Suite 175, Atlanta, GA 30328

anos de experiência: Desde 1966

Local na rede Internet:

Kingspan Logo

Kingspan, a global company, is a famous manufacturer of building materials, including insulated Cold Room Panels. With a rich history and a commitment to sustainable solutions, Kingspan has become a leader in this industry.

Originally starting as a small construction company, Kingspan quickly recognized the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability in the built environment. This realization led the company to shift its focus towards manufacturing and innovation in the insulation and building systems area.

With a strong presence in the United States and a global network of manufacturing facilities, Kingspan is well-positioned to serve the needs of customers across diverse industries. The company collaborates closely with architects, empreiteiros, and building owners to provide tailored solutions for cold storage projects, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

Through continuous research, development, and innovation, Kingspan remains at the forefront of the industry, offering cutting-edge solutions that promote energy efficiency, sustentabilidade, and environmental management. As the demand for high-performance cold room panels continues to grow, Kingspan continues to shape the industry and contribute to the advancement of sustainable building practices worldwide.


Tipo de negócios: Fabricante, Exportador, Distribuidor, Comerciante, Agente

Quartel general: 269 Industrial Park Road, Monticello, GA 31064

anos de experiência: Desde 1987

Local na rede Internet:


PermaTherm is a well-established manufacturer of high-quality insulated panels, including panels designed for cold rooms. With a history of over 30 anos, PermaTherm has built a reputation for delivering custom solutions and exceptional thermal performance.

PermaTherm’s main business revolves around the production of insulated metal panels (IMPs) that provide effective thermal insulation and structural integrity. These panels have a foam core, typically made of polyurethane(PU), which is sandwiched between two metal skins. The resulting composite provides excellent thermal efficiency, durabilidade, and fire resistance.

As the demand for energy-efficient Cold Storage Equipment continues to grow, PermaTherm remains at the forefront of the industry, offering innovative solutions and exceptional customer service. Their quality, customization, and sustainability ensure that they continue to be a trusted choice for cold room panel solutions in the United States and beyond.

refrigerador americano

Tipo de negócios: Fabricante, Grossista, Exportador, instalador

Quartel general: 401 Delaware Quincy, IL 62301

anos de experiência: Desde 1986

Local na rede Internet:

NÓS. Cooler-Logo

US Cooler is a leading manufacturer of Walk-in Coolers and freezers, specializing in providing insulated panels for cold storage. For now, US Cooler has established a strong reputation for its high-quality products and efforts for customer satisfaction.

The insulated panels used in US Cooler’s walk-in units are manufactured in-house, allowing for better quality control and faster turnaround times. These panelscores normally use PU, EPS, XPS, also with metal skins. The resulting composite provides excellent insulation properties, structural integrity, e durabilidade.

As the demand for efficient and customizable cold storage solutions continues to rise, US Cooler remains committed to advancing the industry with their advanced products and exceptional customer service.

FALK Panel

Tipo de negócios: Fabricante, Exportador, Distribuidor, instalador, Designer

Quartel general: 1782 Northridge Dr NW, Walker, MI 49544

anos de experiência: Desde 1984

Local na rede Internet:

Falk Panel - Logo

FALK Panel is a reputable manufacturer of insulated metal panels for industrial, commercial, e Armazém frio. Its main business revolves around the production of insulated metal panels that combine excellent thermal insulation with structural stability.

The company caters to a diverse range of industries, including cold storage, where precise temperature control is crucial for preserving perishable goods. FALK Panel’s cold room panels can maintain consistent temperatures and ensure the integrity of stored products. These panels can meet the rigorous standards of cold storage equipment, providing efficient thermal barriers and reducing energy consumption.

Green Span Profiles

Tipo de negócios: Fabricante, Agente, Exportador, Designer

Quartel general: 21200 FM 362, Waller, TX 77484

anos de experiência: Desde 2008

Local na rede Internet:

Green span profiles logo

Green Span Profiles is a reliable manufacturer of insulated metal panels (IMPs). With a commitment to sustainable building solutions and a focus on quality and innovation, Green Span Profiles has become a trusted name in the industry.

Green Span Profiles specializes in manufacturing IMPs that offer superior thermal performance, structural integrity, and aesthetic appeal. The construction of cold room panels creates a highly efficient and durable composite that contributes to energy savings and reduces environmental impact.

With a state-of-the-art manufacturer in Texas, Green Span Profiles has the capacity to meet the demands of customers nationwide. The company places a strong emphasis on providing exceptional customer service, offering technical support, design assistance, and customized solutions to meet specific project requirements.

American Panel Corporation

Tipo de negócios: Fabricante, Designer, instalador, Contratante, Distribuidor

Quartel general: 5800 SE 78th Street, Ocala, Flórida 34472

anos de experiência: Desde 1963

Local na rede Internet:

American panel Logo


American Panel Corporation’s main business revolves around the manufacturing of custom-designed walk-in coolers and freezers. Their panels use advanced technology and high-quality materials, ensuring excellent thermal insulation and structural integrity. These panels can maintain precise temperature control, ensuring the safe storage of perishable goods in a wide range of industries, incluindo comida, assistência médica, produtos farmacêuticos, flor, químico, e mais.

With a strong emphasis on customer service, American Panel Corporation provides comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle. Their team of experts assists customers with design, engineering, instalação, and after-sales service, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

As the demand for cold storage solutions continues to grow, American Panel Corporation remains at the forefront of the industry, providing innovative and reliable products that contribute to the success of businesses in various sectors.

Advanced Insulation Concepts

Tipo de negócios: Fabricante, Exportador, Distribuidor, instalador, Designer

Quartel general: 8055 Production Avenue, Florence,KY 41042-3094

anos de experiência: Desde 1979

Local na rede Internet:

Advanced Insulation Concepts Logo 1

Advanced Insulation Concepts is an outstanding company specializing in the design, fabricação, and installation of high-quality insulated panel systems. With more than 40 anos de desenvolvimento, Advanced Insulation Concepts has earned a solid reputation as a trusted provider of innovative and energy-efficient solutions for a wide range of industries.

The core business of Advanced Insulation Concepts revolves around the production of high-quality insulated panels. These panels use advanced materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure superior insulation properties and durability. The company places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, enabling customers to reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.

In addition to cold room panels, Advanced Insulation Concepts offers a comprehensive range of insulated panels for walls, roofs, and floors. These panels provide effective insulation, contributing to energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact. They are customizable to meet specific project requirements, allowing for flexibility in design and construction.

Controlled Environments Construction(CEC)

Tipo de negócios: Fabricante, Contratante, instalador, Distribuidor

Quartel general: 1562 Parkway Loop, Suite E, Tustin, CA 92780

anos de experiência: Desde 1964

Local na rede Internet:

CEC Logo

Controlled Environments Construction (CEC) is a reputable company specializing in the design, construction, and installation of cold room panels for a variety of industries. With a rich history and extensive experience in the industry, CEC has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality, energia eficiente, and customizable cold room panel solutions.

CEC follows a comprehensive approach to cold room panel construction, providing turnkey solutions from design and engineering to project management and installation. Their team of experienced professionals works closely with clients, architects, and engineers to develop tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each project.

With a strong presence in the cold storage industry, CEC serves clients across a wide range of sectors, incluindo alimentos e bebidas, produtos farmacêuticos, biotechnology, flor, e mais. Their cold room panels are utilized in warehouses, distribution centers, food processing facilities, and other environments where precise temperature control is essential.

All Weather Insulated Panels

Tipo de negócios: Fabricante, Exportador, Importador, Distribuidor, instalador, Designer

Quartel general: 1276 Crowe Road, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

anos de experiência: Desde 2006

Local na rede Internet:


The primary focus of AWIP’s business lies in the production of cold room panels that are specifically engineered to create controlled environments for perishable goods storage. These panels offer excellent insulation performance, moisture resistance, and structural integrity, ensuring consistent temperature control and energy efficiency within cold storage equipment.

AWIP’s cold room panels will meet stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements. They use advanced materials, such as polyurethane (PUR) or polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam cores, which provide exceptional thermal insulation while minimizing heat transfer. The panels are available in various sizes, thicknesses, and configurations to suit different project specifications.

In addition to cold room panels, AWIP offers a comprehensive range of insulated panel systems for walls, roofs, and floors. These panels are designed to provide excellent thermal performance and durability for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.


Cold room panel industry in the United States is home to several reputable manufacturers. These companies have a proven track record of delivering high-quality and innovative solutions for various applications.

These top cold room panel manufacturers in the USA offer a wide range of solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of their customers. With their expertise, dedication to quality, and focus on innovation, these companies play a vital role in creating energy-efficient and sustainable cold storage environments, ensuring the safe preservation of perishable goods, and contributing to the success of various industries.

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Vic Cheung
Vic Cheung

Oi, eu sou Vic! Comece a trabalhar no campo HVACR desde 2008, nossos principais produtos incluídos: ar condicionado, sistema de refrigeração de câmara fria, resfriador, máquina de gelo, desidratador comercial, desumidificador, bomba de calor, e todos os acessórios. Desde que ingressou no China Speedway Group em 2012, Eu trabalhei aqui mais de 10 anos, como gerente geral do departamento de exportação, nós estabelecemos 50+ agente em diferentes países e áreas.
Como nossa experiência e forte suporte técnico, podemos resolver seu problema assim que você tiver, e nosso engenheiro-chefe trabalha no campo HVACR desde 1997. Estou tão orgulhoso de nosso conhecimento ser cada vez mais popular não apenas para engenheiros, e para recém-chegados de negócios HVACR, Amantes de bricolagem. Espero que esteja gostando de nossos artigos, se tiver alguma dúvida ou comentário, seja bem-vindo para me enviar marketing em

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Grupo China Speedway é um produto HVACR profissional’ fabricante e atacadista, personalizamos diferentes produtos HVACR e peças de reposição, especialmente produtos e peças de refrigeração. Como ar condicionado, equipamento de refrigeração, solução de câmara fria, máquina de gelo, desumidificador, ventilador do motor, trocador de calor,etc.

Como trabalhou na área de HVACR desde 2010, temos mais experiências podemos fornecer produtos e soluções exclusivos, também fornecerá carga vitalícia gratuita de suporte técnico. Inquérito calorosamente bem-vindo com sua amostra, desenho ou desenho, nosso objetivo é tornar sua ideia realidade e beneficiá-lo.

O que mais, para nossos clientes, iremos adquirir outros produtos, verifique o fornecedor, negocie com eles com cobrança gratuita para você.

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ventilador do motor

Ar condicionado

Unidade Condensadora

Resfriador de unidade

Quarto frio


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