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Our machine can produce tube ice from 0.35 up to 50 ton per day, tube ice diameter from 21 에게 34 mm, 식품 등급, 투명 또는 반투명 색상. Also can meet your unique demand, 지금 저희에게 연락하십시오!

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What is Tube Ice Machine?

Tube ice machine is a specialized refrigeration device designed for the efficient and consistent production of tube-shaped ice. These machines utilize a unique process to create cylindrical ice tubes, making them ideal for various commercial and industrial applications.


#1. Compact Tube Ice Machine

Designed for smaller-scale operations with moderate ice requirements. These machines are suitable for businesses with limited space or lower ice production needs.

#2. Industrial Tube Ice Machine

Built for high-volume ice production, these machines are larger and more powerful, catering to the demands of industries with substantial ice consumption, such as large-scale food processing or construction projects.

#3. Air-Cooled Tube Ice Machine

These machines use air as the primary cooling medium. They are generally more straightforward to install and operate, making them suitable for environments where water availability is limited.

#4. Water-Cooled Tube Ice Machine

These machines use water for the cooling process, making them more efficient in warmer environments. They are a good choice when air-cooled systems may struggle to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

What is Tube ice machine

Tube Ice Machine Application

Tube ice machines find a wide range of applications across various industries due to their versatility, 능률, and the unique cylindrical shape of the ice tubes they produce. 와 같은: Food and Beverage Industry, Healthcare, Concrete Cooling, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Hospitality and Events, Manufacturing Cooling, Retail and Supermarkets, 농업, Ice Skating Rinks ,등. The produced ice can keep the items fresh and appropriate usage.

Ice Skating Rinks

Ice Skating Rinks

음료수 보관




콘크리트 혼합

Concrete Cooling

정밀 화학




통제 된 분위기 냉장 보관


슈퍼마켓 냉동 식품


Checklists for Qualified Tube Ice Machine

#1. Ice Production Capacity

Check the machine’s rated ice production capacity per day to ensure it meets your business needs.

Consider the range of capacities available to choose a machine that aligns with your anticipated ice demand.

#2. Tube Ice Quality

Examine the clarity and consistency of the tube ices produced by the machine.

Ensure that the tube ices are free from impurities, air bubbles, and have a uniform size.

#3. Cooling System

Evaluate the cooling system (air-cooled or water-cooled) based on your facility’s requirements and environmental conditions.

Assess the efficiency of the cooling mechanism for optimal energy consumption.

Tube-shaped ice

#4. Machine Size and Footprint

Measure the physical dimensions of the tube ice machine to ensure it fits within your available space.

Consider the layout and design to facilitate easy installation and maintenance.

#5. Ease of Installation

Check if the machine comes with clear installation instructions and consider the complexity of the installation process.

Evaluate if additional equipment or expertise is required for installation.

튜브 제빙기 0011

#6. Maintenance Requirements

Review the machine’s maintenance guidelines and frequency of required maintenance.

Consider accessibility to components for cleaning and routine upkeep.

#7. Automation and Control Features

Check for user-friendly control interfaces and automation features, such as touch-screen displays and programmable settings.

Evaluate the level of automation for ease of operation and monitoring.

#8. Compliance with Standards

Ensure that the tube ice machine complies with relevant industry standards and certifications for safety and quality.

Check for adherence to sanitation and hygiene standards, especially in applications like food and healthcare.

Ice mould size

Ice Mould Size

#9. 에너지 효율

Assess the machine’s energy efficiency ratings to ensure it aligns with your environmental and cost-saving goals.

Look for features such as automatic shut-off during low-demand periods to conserve energy.

Tube Ice Machine Process Flow

Tube ice machine welding

Apply TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) to preventing issues like leaks during the ice-making process, required skilled workers to ensure precision, and the welding pattern.

Evaporator Drum Polishing
Evaporator Drum Polishing

Polishing ensures a clean and uniform surface, minimizing the risk of impurities and facilitating efficient heat exchange during ice formation.

Heat Exchange and Resurfacing
Assembly-components 01

Tube ice machine heat exchange process to resurface the ice tubes, ensuring a smooth and clean appearance.

Freezing Control Device
컨트롤 박스 전원 켜짐

It typically includes a user-friendly interface for operators to monitor and control the machine's functions. Often feature automation, allowing for programmable settings, self-diagnosis, and real-time data display.

Pipeline Installation
Anti-shake tube

Properly install the pipeline and tube for the whole tube ice machine, ensure they are anti-shake, firmly, well connected without leakage.

Tube Ice Outlet
Tube ice outlet

Designed for easy access, allowing users to retrieve ice conveniently. Some machines may have a built-in mechanism for controlled ice discharge, ensuring a steady and controlled flow of ice.

Tube ice machine assembly

All the parts must assemble carefully and seriously, tube connecting should be fixed tightly, smoothly and ensure no leakage, all units should be tested and debugged before package.

Quality Control and Package
Quality Control and Package

Involves quality control checks to ensure the ice meets desired standards. The clear, cylindrical ice tubes are then ready for packaging.

Tube Ice Machine Parameter

Tube diameterΦ20/22/28/29/30/35mmΦ20/22/28/29/30/35mmΦ20/22/28/29/30/35mmΦ20/22/28/29/30/35mmΦ20/22/28/29/30/35mm
압축기 Bitzer/CopelandBitzer/CopelandBitzer/CopelandBitzer/CopelandBitzer/Copeland
Compresssor cooling capacity9.5kw11.55kw13.42kw29.4kw56.9kw
Compressor power 3.6kw4.56kw6.7kw12.3kw19.9kw
Cooling pump power0.5kw0.75kw1.1kw1.9kw2.5kw
Circulating water pump power0.25kw0.33kw0.37kw0.75kw1.5kw
Cooling fan power0.1kw0.15kw0.18kw0.56kw0.75kw
Condenser heat exchange 12.7kw19.5kw20.9kw53.5kw95.2kw
Condensing temperature45℃45℃45℃45℃45℃
Evaporating temperature-22℃-22℃-22℃-22℃-22℃
주변 온도25℃25℃25℃25℃25℃
Water temperature20℃20℃20℃20℃20℃
Water supply wayFresh waterFresh waterFresh waterFresh waterFresh water
Ice temperature-8℃-8℃-8℃-8℃-8℃
Ice density450~500kg/m3450~500kg/m3450~500kg/m3450~500kg/m3450~500kg/m3
Ice making time 18~20 minute18~20 minute18~20 minute18~20 minute18~20 minute
Ice cutting motor power0.3kw0.5kw0.75kw1.0kw1.5kw
Machine dimension(길이*세로*높이)1000*900*1150mm1300*1020*1700mm1200*1000*1780mm1300*1100*2000mm1500*1300*2100mm
Cooling way공냉식공냉식공냉식공냉식공냉식
Machine weight405킬로그램625킬로그램870킬로그램1250킬로그램1630킬로그램
Running noise(dB)<40<40<45<46<48

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Pipeline installation

Firm pipeline

Ice mould

SS Ice mould

Clean after welding

Smooth surface of Welding

Stainless steel evaporator

SS Evaporator

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Innovative R&D design

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