solar air conditioner

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    solar air conditioner

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    Solar air conditioners for homes
    1. 30- 50% energy saving
    2. easy instalation
    3. toshiba/mitsubishi compressor

    1. running principle
    Speedway hybrid solar air-conditioner is driven by electricity and with solar energy as an
    auxiliary power. The two kinds of energy work complementally in accordance with principles
    of fluid dynamics. It combines the absorption working system to compression system by using environmental-friendly media in cooling and heating on the basic of traditional air-conditioner technology to achieve energy-saving and environment protection.

    2.Installation suggestions:
    1) Similar to conventional ac
    2) Facing south is not a must
    3) Suggest outdoor unit lower than indoor unit for drain water
    supplement to collector
    4) When empty the air, don't forget the pipes for collector
    5) Fill water when newly installed

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